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Ivy Tailor; Collab with @chrissykinz 

“Harper,” I called banging on the vaguely familiar door with the palm of my hand “Harper,” I called again. It was after 11, which was when Amy had informed me was a reasonable time to go visiting.

“Hold on, hold on,” I finally got a response from through the door so I stopped my knocking, instead choosing to rest my shoulder against the door frame so I wouldn’t be hit by the door when it opened. Which is promptly did. “Ivy?” She asked, without greeting me I might add. Though to be fair I’d only really talked to Harper a couple of times before.

“Harper, hi.” I smiled brightly at her, despite the sort of wary confusion she was projecting, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure…” She said, making no move to let me in and for once I didn’t push my way in. I was asking for a favour, and not to stay that was a bit weird even for me, so I was trying this politeness thing.

“I hear you’re studying psychology right?” I said, batting my eyelashes slightly and smiling at her cheerfully.

“That I am.” She nodded looking less like she thought I might try and take over her apartment or something. Maybe my reputation was preceding me, or maybe I was projecting what I thought she should look like.

“Great so you can help me.” I smiled even brighter, absentmindedly tapping my heel against the door frame, “You can be my friend Basil’s therapist then right? He defiantly needs help” 

"Okay" she said slowly, like she was trying to understand what exactly it was I was up to "Just a question shouldn't you take him to a real therapist? You know one who has finished studying?" 

"I would but you see he doesn't come out of his apartment anymore." I sighed dramatically to punctuate my point. My very important point "He has turned into a hermit. I am worried." I said seriously. She sighed but I didn’t let that stop me "He will snap soon Harper , do you really wanna known as the woman who could have prevented him from going mad." 

"I'll go check on him." She agreed with a sigh. I wasn’t entirely sure why but I wasn’t going to question it

"Oh good, let’s go." I smiled cheerfully, turning to head back towards Basil’s apartment, Harper following behind me. “Really,” I said conversationally turning to look at her, “The only thing he could do that would be more worrying was start listening to Justin Beiber.”

“He hasn’t got that far yet?” She asked with a joking frown, “I’m not sure if he really needs my expertise.”

“No he really does.” I nodded earnestly, falling back so that I was walking in step with her, “Like he kicked me out last week,” I said dramatically because really it was a scandal.

“Oh well then” she said not without sarcasm, “He must truly me on the edge of sanity.”

“Exactly.” I nodded earnestly widening my eyes at her, “So we better help him now before he goes batshit crazy.”

"Your right, next thing you know he will be listening to One Direction."  She said complete with a melodramatic fake shudder that would make….well me proud

"I haven't even consider that." I said with a frown, "We should hurry." I said matter-of-factly trying not to giggle ”Have you ever meet Basil before?" I asked speeding up my walking pace.

"Nope. Or i might have but he hasn't left a lasting impression." She said with a shrug. That didn’t surprise me seeing as he never bloody left the apartment. Which is how we got here in the first place.

"You would like him" I said cheerfully "Well  you know if he wasn't losing his mind."

“Would I now?” She asked and I realised I actually had no clue. Basil was loveable though, like a little lost puppy.

“Sure you would.” I shrugged though as we climbed the stairs. I loved stairs, they meant I never had to actually put effort in exercise, “Everyone likes puppies right?”

“Well most people do.” She conceded, with a head nod.

“Actually that’s a bad analogy.” I told her with a shrug because it was. Puppies were cute but I didn’t want to live anywhere near one, “If you’re allergic to puppies you probably wouldn’t,” which was my excuse, “though I doubt you’re allergic to Basil.”

"I doubt I am to." She said, and didn’t laugh at me so that was a plus  "So is there a reason Basil has decided to stay in his room all the time?" she asked actually taking this seriously,

"Oh exams." I said nonchalantly, it wasn’t just that but I couldn’t explain it all without her having met him. I just knew he’d been like this since before exams had been an issue

"So he isn't you know , trying to study?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, and if it was just that ok fine good point. But still.

"No , no... well maybe but the fact is he needs help." I told her as I opened the door "Which you can start doing now." I told Harper as I ushered her in before me  "Basil i bought some one to see you." I called out cheerfully, looking around

For once he wasn’t in his room. Instead he was lying on the floor next to the couch with a book covering his face - pretty much looking like he’d rolled off of it and couldn’t be bothered getting up. It was worse than I thought. “I thought you were going out till tonight Ivy.” He groaned.

“Get off the floor idiot.” I sighed, moving past Harper to pull him off of the the damn floor, “It’s a good thing I wasn’t out. I went to get you some help.” I smiled, depositing him on the couch and turning to motion Harper over. She stepped towards us tentatively. “He won’t bite you I promise.” I smiled at her brightly, grabbing her hand and dragging her closer. Basil didn’t even look at her, just lay kind of collapsed on the couch.

“He looks tired not crazy.” She whispered to me hesitantly.

“He is most defiantly crazy.” I shook my head at her stubbornly, “He was lying on the floor!” I gasped melodramatically

“You sleep on the floor sometimes.” Basil’s voice floated up kind of muffled from where his face was pressed into the arm.

“He. Is. Crazy.” I ignored his words preferring to point at him.

“Alright, maybe he is.” Harper looking like was trying not to laugh at me

“So fix him.” I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest. 

 "Uhm hello." She said frowning in concentration as she poked his ribs. I had to try really really hard not to giggle.

 "I don't need help." He whined "Whatever SHE told you is a lie." He added I scoffed loudly at that to make sure he heard it. Lying my ass, I was not a liar.

 "Last time i try to be a good friend." I muttered with a frown. He didn’t have to be so damn mean about

"Look you, Basil." Harper said, sounding kind annoyed. Which meant yay she was on my head.

 "Look you….” He said sounding annoyed before he seemed to realise he didn’t even know her “what’s your name?" he titled his head and shot be a confused look. Oh I wasn’t going to help him now  

"Harper. And all you have to do is talk to me. " She said, eyes shooting around probably looking for somewhere to sit. Basil had books, stationary and notebooks everywhere. Like even I thought it was beyond messy.

“You could sit on him,” I offered cheerily as I noticed her looking around the room. “Or we could take his books off the armchair.” I said when she shot me a look, hastening to do so.

“My books don’t need to come off the chair because I’m not going to talk to her.” He said petulantly. I bet he was pouting. He was always pouting.

“Come on Basil, let the nice lady help you.” I coaxed as she took the seat. He just made a weird growling noise “Remember a time when you would talk to me about appropriate human interaction?” I said, trying to lift up his legs so I could take a sit. When he didn’t help I just sat on them “When I’m doing better than you it means you need help.”

“Are you even legally allowed to do this?” He grumbled, kicking me off and sitting up though stretching his legs over the couch. Fine if he wanted to be an ass.

“I’m not legally not allowed.” Harper quirked an eyebrow and I crowed in triumph as I planted myself on his lap. There were books everywhere else that I was to lazy to move.

"That doesn't fill me with hope." He said glaring at her. Clearly he had finally snapped because he would never usually be so rude to someone that wasn’t me or his brother.

"Oh shush, Wouldn't you rather have someone else who isn't Ivy hear your problems?"  Harper rolled her eyes

"Hey what's wrong with me hearing his problems?" I pouted indignantly. 

"I am trying to help here." She said with a pointed look. 

"I really don't need to talk , I am fine." He said with a look of annoyance that practically told us he was considering murder "So you can get back to whatever it is that you were doing before Harper." 

"Basil come on. I could take you to a real therapist." I pointed out logically, before adding with a smirk "Who by the way aren't that pretty so you know Ithink you should talk to the nice pretty lady."  

 "Fine I will talk." He said and Harper grinned triumphantly. I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy though "If she leaves." he added after a dramatic pause, motioning towards me with his head.

“What no!” I pouted, perhaps a bit louder than was absolutely necessary. Only a little though, and defiantly not so much that Basil had needed to flinch like he has. “Not fair.”

“You want me to talk to him.” Harper shrugged. Clearly I was getting no help there.

“No I wanted you to fix him,” I said defiantly and probably a bit childishly I would admit. Nowhere near as childishly as Basil had been though before, “So you wave your magic wand, do your mumbo jumbo and voila fix him.”

“I’m not his fairy godmother.” She said dryly.

“No” I agreed with a solemn nod “I see no wings.”

“Can I leave now?” Basil asked with a resigned sigh. Probably just to drag attention back to him. Selfish idiot.

“No. You’re not leaving.” I said because I’d have to move for him to leave and I wasn’t planning on it, “We’re going to fix you.”

“I. Am. Not. Broken.” He said slowly like I was a child, “and you are doing nothing,” 

"Well that's your fault to be honest." Harper spoke up. I shot her a smile and Basil glared. Oh yea. This was better

"About time you remember what team your on." I crowed triumphant;y

"You seem very withdrawn from people. Did you have problems getting along with kids growing up?" She asked Basil seemingly deadly serious. "Or is it just girls?" 

 "No no no. Just stop." Basil cried, waving his arms around like the crazy person he clearly was “Out of everyone in this room right now i'm the only who is completely sane." He was even crazier than I though!

"Then as a sane person you should have figured if you just talk to me and get it done you could go back to drooling all over your carpet." Harper said with more sass than Loki in Thor

I cracked up at that. Unable to hold in my laughter I was pretty much shaking into Basil shoulder. He just sighed in response and rubbed his eyes.

“I am talking to you.” Basil said, unable to not be a smart-ass for more than 2 minutes, “Right now in fact.”

“This need you have to be sarcastic,” Harper asked seriously leaning forwards, “Does it stem from a childhood incident? Is it a way for you to keep people at arms length?” Damn she was good. I couldn’t actually tell anymore wether she was joking or serious.

“It’s to try and repel the idiots of this world.” He said, looking like he was about ready to shove me off and storm off. He never would, but we were testing his patience.

“You do so well at that,” I cooed with a smirk, wrapping my arms around his neck, “You also stay inside all day, so maybe that’s the route of your problems.” 

“Whatever,” he rolled his eyes. Except I didn’t actually care anymore wether he talking out his ‘issues’ or not anymore because I had successfully solved the problem. He wasn’t sulking (not seriously at least) or studying so maybe mission accomplished.

"That's a very childish reply." She said  "Your very pale by the way when was the last time you actually went outside?" She asked curious

“I don't know. When i went out with Ivy." He shrugged not realising that was more than 10 days ago and ignoring the fact it was only on threat of death pretty much "Staying indoors doesn't make me insane by the way before you even start." 

"Maybe you are having problems focusing for your exam because of a lack of vitamin d but i guess you would know more about that right?" She asked "Since your studying to be a doctor right? Seems like i'm not the only  one who wants to fix people."  

"No you just wanna piss people off." He snarked back which made me giggle into his shoulder.

“You did this just for your own sick amusement didn’t you,” Basil glared at me, poking me in the side which really did nothing to stop my giggles.

“No, no.” I squealed, trying to get away from him as Harper just looked on bemused probably only just realising how insane both of us were, “I just want you to stop being mopey.” I pouted at him with wide sincere eyes.

“You just hate having to be quiet and entertain yourself.” He pointed out with a sigh. I just shrugged maybe that was true.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t be trying to help Basil,” Harper interjected I glared at her, traitor Basil smiled at me in triumph, a smile that fell off his face at the next words, “Maybe you two need couples counselling instead.”

“Now wait a minute here,” Basil all but growled as I leant over to pick up a couch pillow - Harper’s lucky it wasn’t a text book - to throw at her.

"I meant since you live together."  She said looking confused "But i mean are you two..." She trailed off looking between us. I thought she’d been joking but now I realised maybe she did think we were dating. How nasty.

"Nooooo." He was almost yelling 

"Can you not see him." I asked at the same time, gesturing at Basil. He was not my type at all, then there was the issue of his personality

“I can see him.” Harper blinked slightly owlishly at me.

“Well than you should have better faith in my tastes.” I rolled my eyes, fingers itching to ditch another pillow, or seven, at her head, “Really I’m hot. And not at all that desperate.”

“Hey,” Basil protested though only half heartedly.

“You reacted the same way as me baby,” I huffed, digging my heel into his calf quite violently actually

"Why would i want to date her, honestly Harvey." He forgot her name deliberately I knew it. I was more worried with the fact he sounded like the thought disgusted him

 "What is that supposed to mean!" I asked flicking him across the head. Not going to lie my ego was hurt by that, just a little.

"It's Harper." She corrected him. Basil pretended not to hear

"It mean's i wouldn't want to date you. I'm not that desperate." He said. What a dick he’d be lucky to get someone as hot as I was with his personality and looks.

"Uh huh when was the last time you actually had a date?" I asked with a glare knowing it had been forever and a half ago.

“A couple of weeks ago.” He said defiantly. Which was completely and utterly crap

“Bullshit!” I snapped, “You haven’t left the house in a couple of weeks unless I had to bodily drag you.”

“I just haven’t left the house with you,”

“You are full of crap you know.” I huffed getting up off his lap but making sure to bang him in the head and arms and chest with my elbows and arms. I was petty. He was petty. It was how the world worked.

“See Harper,” I said, brining her back into the conversation she’d been watching in amusement, “See what crap I have to put up with?” I flung my arm out melodramatically, “See how crazy he really is?” 

  "Basil do you have an imaginary girlfriend?"  Harper asked, intervening. Yea she was back on my side. Which meant I was going to win. Queen of the apartment. 

 "No unfortunately I have a far too real Ivy.” He said rubbing his head. So he was substituting me for a girlfriend? Maybe he was secretly in love with me. Ick! "Did you not just see that? the girl suffers from rage black outs. She should get checked not me." 

"How am i the bad guy here? All i want do to is help my friend get of the house is that so bad Harper? Is it?"  I asked dramatically, sweeping hand gestures and all.

“Well no…” she answered though you couldn’t really here her over Basil’s obnoxious scoffing.

“Oi, shut up you.” I wagged a finger at him, eyes narrowed, “I have half a mind to burn all your text books, so don’t test me.”

“Violent tendencies.” Basil stage whispered at Harper.

“You suck.” I whined, stamping my foot on the ground, “See if I ever try to help you again,” I huffed gathering a pile of books in my hands and dumping them in ‘my room’ before shutting the door with a triumphant grin. 

“What was that meant to do?” Basil asked with an amused smirk, “That’s my spare room whatever.”

“It’s the principal.” I stuck my tongue out at him before turning to Harper, “Clearly Basil wants to become a crazy cat lady. We should leave him to do that in peace.”

   "Wouldn't i be a crazy cat man." Basil pointed out. Which so wasn’t the point

"Shut up Basil." I snapped. 

"Maybe you should have a set time where you go out for an hour. Whether it's to a park or on a date..... whatever it is you do." She suggested back to serious psychology crap. Or she was teasing him. I couldn’t be sure

"Okay Harper i need to study which is very hard when i have Ivy complaining about being bored and bring stray psychology students into my house."  He complained. Which made no sense as a response so clearly he wasn’t even listening.

"I'm not a stray she singled me out and she is trying to look out for you in i admit an unconventional way but at least she isnt letting you become a crazy cat lady." He scolded him, like how my mother used to scold Candy when she was being particularly bratty. What a funny image. "And yes i said lady because i haven't seen any proof of you acting like a man." I have to be honest, I snickered at that

Basil sort of stared at her in shock, probably surprised someone other than me would talk to him like that. I had to say, I was liking Harper more and more each second. “You don’t even know me.” He exclaimed, though not really with an conviction. Maybe he’d realised she has a point, though more likely he just wanted us gone.

“Exactly.” I told him softly but slightly smugly, “But she’s already pegged you.”

“Fine, if I agree to leave the house every couple of days,” he said and I half expected him to throw his hands in the air in exasperation, “Will you agree to leave me to study when I’m home.” I opened my mouth ready to agree before realising that shit I would never be able to that. Basil saw the look on my face because he smirked triumphantly, “You couldn’t do it. Could you?”

“How about this.” Harper cut in, standing up now, “You set aside time to go out and Ivy can set aside time to leave you alone. How’s that.” She said, apparently the voice of reason.

“I can do that.” I nodded earnestly.

“Fine,” Basil sighed eyes moving between the two, “Can I go back to studying now?”

“If you want to be boring.” 

“I do thank you.” He said, picking up some random text book and opening it, before looking up at me, “Can I have my other books back.” I huffed at that but obligingly went to get them for him before turning to Harper.

“So let’s leave grumpy bum here then.” I sighed and she nodded in agreement making her way to the door. Hey maybe she’d spend time with me for the rest of the day so I could leave Basil in peace, I did feel bad for always bothering him though only slightly.

“So what now?” She asked me as I shut the door behind us.

“Well,” I said, idea coming to me with a wicked smile, “We could go offer couples counselling in the park. Like a lemonade stand but for counselling.”

“Maybe you really are the one that needs counselling.” She rolled her eyes at me though I did notice she wasn’t heading back towards her apartment. Maybe I’d found someone else to deal with my crazy. I could only hope.
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Wrote 4 years ago
@chrissykinz you did a great job. and thanks :D
Nope. He was sleeping. I think I saw a Celine Dion CD though
x Ivy

Wrote 4 years ago
wow this is way long , i am going have fun editing it. also this set is super pretty :)
so was he listening to bieber when you got back?

Wrote 4 years ago
Aww well thanks. I actually like this one myself which is rare :3
Hahahah it's cool. It might take you hours. we went a LITTLE bit overboard xD

Wrote 4 years ago
i can't believe i missed this! i will read it in a minute!! but i love the set!



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