July 3rd- Did you notice the cliff on the west side? We'll take our boat and go there. Watch out, the cliffs are dangerous.

I packed my sketch book, pencils and binoculars in my satchel before heading down to the cliff on the west side where everyone else would be. I spotted a girl walking around, she looked a little lost.

'Excuse me, do you know where the west side is?' She asked me, with a confused look on her face.

'I'm heading in the direction now, we can walk together' I replied, leading the way. 'I'm Raphael, you're obviously new..'

She laughed. 'Yeah, I'm new /and/ lost, I'm Joy..' Joy and I chatted on the way to the cliff side, it took a while to get there but in the end we did. Joy and I went separate ways when we got there. I went over to where Belinda was sitting and told her what was in my bag.

'Oh, let's so do some site seeing' Belinda exclaimed happily. I grinned in response and signaled for her to follow me.

We perched at the edge of the cliff while I drew her as she read through her book. 'What are your ambitions...?' Belinda suddenly asked.

I shrugged. 'Maybe like an architect or something like that..you?'

Belinda shrugged. 'Maybe if I become a dancer, I could entice you to draw me up a house for free, huh?'

We both burst out laughing. 'I'd like that, but I'd still do it anyway...'

Belinda sent a smile my way, we stared at each other for a while before she started to lean in towards me. I started to do the same, putting my sketch book aside even, I heard rustling come from behind me.

'Gotcha!' A familiar voice shrieked. Belinda and I both jumped backwards and turned to look behind us, Fleur was standing there with a sly grin on her face.

'What do you want, Fleur?' I growled, standing up and dusting the sand off of my jeans. I thought we had both made it clear that we couldn't get along therefore we mustn't cross paths.

'This is supposed to be a group effort..' Fleur sneered at Belinda. 'How's that supposed to happen when you're over here drawing /her/?'

'Jealous, Fleur?' Belinda snapped, standing up too. 'Can't find someone to snuggle up to so you've come over here...?'

Fleur scoffed. 'I'm just trying to keep the group together' I could hear the falter in her voice, even a deaf man could hear that.

'You are jealous, aren't you?' I smirked, crossing my arms and looking down at her.

Fleur pouted and composed herself, before turning on her heel and strutting off. I looked over to Belinda who was still watching after her, I wondered what she was thinking.

'How are we going to get rid of that bi.tch?' Belinda muttered before sitting back down again. I chuckled, wondering the same thing.
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