Name: Juno 'J' Paku
Age: Twenty-three
Hometown: San Francisco, California
+ Juno was born into a not-so-wealthy couple in San Francisco where she spent her entire life and didn't quite enjoy it due to the ratty girls and boys at school that made her life miserable. Therefore, you may not want to bring up her childhood in any way or you may just see the fierce Juno.
+ She tries to shadow her childhood and attempts to forget how much she was picked on, bullied, harrassed, and also has many scars that she chooses to keep hidden underneath her clothing.
+ Juno is a triple threat but a lot of people don't know of the talent that this girl has; she's a tattoo artist in-the-making, dancer, and singer. She doesn't enjoy bragging whatsoever but if you want to try and make her look bad, trust me, you won't.
+ Juno is not close to her parents and does not keep in contact with them whatsoever, she prefers to keep them, also, in her past.
+ She found herself in jail on numerous occassions for stealing from many shops, Juno was continously trying to fend for her family and all it earned her was more and more jail buddies.
+ Juno's first time in jail was when she turned sixteen and was in and out until she decided to clean her act at the age of nineteen, going on twenty.
+ She is a very tough girl and although she may not seem like it, she is not afraid to throw a punch, argue with you, or let anything bring her down. Juno learnt how to fight unprofessionally while she was in jail which hasn't come in handy, yet.
+ Juno no longer steals but she has picked up a couple of bad habits such as drinking and smoking.
+ Nobody assumes that she had such a bumpy journey that has brought her to this day and made her the way she is.
+ Juno is an absolute sweetheart if she is your friend otherwise good luck because you'll need it, the girl is nothing but a biotch and will manipulate you, if she needs to. Also, her revenge is dangerous, sleep with one eye open.
+ Oh, and she's little miss O'hara's cousin, watch out.
Style: Juno's style is very high maintenance, it consists of very sophisticated pieces of clothing and likes to look professional a lot of the time. She does not like having a messy appearance so she is very neat and perfect in many ways; her hair and make-up are always done to perfection. Juno's wardrobe is full of blouses, blazers, tailored pants, maxi skirts, knitted sweaters. She loves splashes of colour, sunglasses and has a HUGE collection of shoes. Oh, and like any girl, she loves designer!
Model: Chiara Ferragni
Taken by: sarahstardom.polyvore.com
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