ll Maybe Tonight- The Summer Set ll
Two sets in one day? I'm on a roll! ;) 
Meera Desai, 19
+ likes: Books, Vitamin Water, casual clothing, wavy hair, routines, sneakers, limeade.
+ dislikes: Rude costumers, loud parties, strong alcohol, screaming children, high heels, peanuts, people without patience.
Always walking on the safe side of life, never daring to live outside her comfort zone. That sentence just about describes Meera. She was always the perfect student, the perfect friend (although she had few), never the one to disappoint, always aiming to please. However, Meera wasn't the most social butterfly in the land of Healdsburg. Meera had a few, close fiends and that was that. She didn't live out her four years in high school like the average teenager. She didn't go out and drink on the weekends, she didn't obtain a fake ID, she didn't take a drag off a joint at a party. Instead she stayed at home every Friday night and she studied and she read and she had a pretty reserved life. And then she graduated, with high honors, no less, and she was thrust in the world of colleges and decisions, careers and salaries. But she still couldn't decide what she wanted to do with her life. To her, there were so many options. She was accepted to many colleges, but she decided to defer for a year, to figure her life out, to figure herself out, much to the despair of her parents. She needed a way to get out of the house though, a way to keep her as far away from her parents as she could, so she got a job at the airport. And no, she's not a flight attendant and one of those ladies that check your bags in at check-in, instead she's working at a little mini-mart-like kiosk. You know, those places where you come to get some snacks while waiting for a delayed flight, or to get magazines as reading material before your flight. She's working there full time, watching everyone come and go, just as she stands right where she is.
+ model: Shay Mitchell

"What now? I just can't figure it out."- What Now, Rihanna

"I was nurtured, I was sheltered, I was curious and young."- In This Life, Delta Goodrem

"Tonight you're letting go, under the burning glow, we're too young to gold this all on our own."- Runaway, Mat Kearney

"I want something more than this, I've given all I can give."- Is Anybody Listening, Danity Kane

"I'm searching the missing part of my heart."- This Is My Life- Edward Maya
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