you got a friend in meeeee.
put ur hand up if you cried during toystory 3!?
*raises hand




 --------- lets get this over and done with.
Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
dearest laina,
i want to be you,
a happy go-lucky dog
which is as loyal and friendly as can be.
the best grade and smart,
easy going parents who are funny and understanding , and are serious when its the time.
popular and friendly , everyone loves you , no one would ever hate you.
you got an awesome bestfs,
but some part of me,
rather be me..
i envy you at time,
but im happy all the time whenever im around you,
you brighten my day
you talk to me,
even tho when i spill my feelings out,
you;ll be "oh lol"
thank you for always being there for me!
i love you morerrerer darl <3
love anne , xoxo.
DAY 3-confessions
a talent you wish you had
'i wish i was more creative.. LOL

a talent you do have
' ive got a musical talent ! ballet , tap and jazzz and abit of hip and the hop !!!!!!!! && piano. im borned musicool! (A)
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
dearest pesterererer ( ive wrote to this person just then),
i love you,
you;re like my bestf,
but something
theres this something
which pesters me..
you make me feel not so special like how i treat you,
you make me feel like im not good enough for you,
but ive told you this already .
and you sed,
she'll never make me go thro wat i went thro in primary,
you hurt me alot,
you've left scares
but while doing that you've recovered me
and streghthened me..
i dont know ,
im confused,
but atleast we're still friends,
but hoping it will last forever,
love anne , xoxo
DAY 4-confessions
something you don't like about your personality
i hate how sometimes i get jealous! LOL. it really annoying and clingy..
something you like about your personality(:
i love my immature personality.. it makes me who i am !
Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest (wrote to this person just then!)
dearest heart breaker,
you make me feel weak,
while making me stronger,
i cant bear to lose you,
because you complete my puzzle,
you;ve broke my heart without knowing,
because youve sed things without feelings,
giving harash comments
which is offensive.
you got no idea the pain i go thro,
i start to cry,
ive cried most this year excludin the primary inccident , but i cried most this year for you..
i hope you understand what i mean..
love anne , xox
DAY 5- confessions
something you wish you were better at
i wish i was better in science.. seriously , i fail !
something you are really good at
im good at making people smile and laugh :)
Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
dear tia,
thought u were all happy
and all about fashion
but just recently last year,
i found out ..
you werent that..
your true colours had finally shone
and you werent the tia i loved...
you backstab and thats all you do,
you're two faced, three faced, you got so many faces..
i cant believe i once trusted you...
i feel so uncomforatble around you
and what you're capable of..
love anne, xox
DAY 6- confessions
something your scared of
RODENT PHOBIA ! AHHHHHHHH! just rats and mice.. *shivers. they have these weird legs and arm AND TAILS ?! LIKE WTFFFFFFFF!
a fear you have conquered and aren't scared of anymore!
i was once shy and hardly spoke cuhs i was scared but now i aint !
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