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The flash of lightning temporarily illuminated the dark turbulent, sky and was peremptorily followed by a loud crack of thunder. Gripping my wet coat tighter to my chest, I walked on. I had tried to run but my heels kept getting caught in the runny mud and on one occasion I narrowly missed tripping.
The silhouette of the dorms loomed ahead lit by an eerie glow. Vast mounds of mud were unearthed and looked like ominous traps of quicksand, while the ground was already inundated by half a foot of dirty water.
Another flash. But this time a tree was hit. Instantly it caught fire while the winds continued to vascillate it. Like a glorious torch it swayed, it’s foliage flaming.
“It is not safe here, hurry.”
It was for the first time in our journey that my companion had spoken. I cast a furtive sideways glance at him and grunted in accordance, increasing my pace. By the time we had reached the whitewashed porch of the dorm, the fire had died. All that was left was the vestiges of the beautiful oak tree, cracked in half and a lingering smell of burning leaves.
He shook his clothes free of some water and said, “well, this is it then. Until-” 
“Wait,” I interrupted, “what do you think of it?”
He smiled. “Miss Walters, it is too early for such speculations.” I noted that the smile did not warm up his steely grey eyes.
“But still, what I showed you amounts to something doesn’t it?” I asked, trying and failing to hide the note of desperation in my voice.
“Yes, but if we take this to the authorities, they will think it is definitively odd,” he smiled once more, “but that your ideas border on clinical paranoia.”
Without farewell, I turned my back on him and pushed open the doors. 

The atmosphere inside was absolutely electric. People were laughing, shouting, playing games, even singing. It seemed that though they were aware of storm, it’s devastation had very little effect on them. Hunter and his posse of girls were behaving savagely and many people were wolf whistling loudly.
“There you are Kay!"
Tommi was standing on the staircase looking dapper as always. His ascot today was navy.
"Gosh, look what the storm did to Kay!” Tommi shouted in a mock sympathetic voice and let out a shrill laugh, good enough to rival Justin Beiber.
“Bite me,” I muttered irately and trudged off to the dorms up above, shoving him roughly when I passed him.
“Well can I at least know WHERE you were? Blonde guy called twice, redhead left 7 messages-”
“Nice try, but it’s none of your business.”
He followed me up, as I knew he would, and draped his arms above my shoulders so that my drenched body remained out of contact.
“Wow, those shoes are ruined,” he observed pointing at the tan booties I had on. They were ripped in multiple places and the left one was brown with dirt. The leather was sticking to my skin painfully and I was quite sure I’d have a hard time prying them off.
“Come to think of it,” he continued when he received no reply, “your whole outfit is. Well it isn’t exactly much of a rain uniform.”
We were in my room now, Fauve my roomie was nowhere to be seen. I sat down on the bed, acknowledging for the first time how tired I was. Tommi followed suit but he gracefully perched himself on Fauve’s.
“Shut up,” I growled, “it was fucking bright and peachy when I left.”
“Yes, it was. Strange how storms seem to come when you expect them the least.”
Something in his voice made me look up. He more insightful then I gave him credit for.
“Yeah, yeah…it is….” my voice trailed off as I saw the rain pummel my window.

 sorry the story is a bit rushed, i have a horrendous chemistry exam to study for. If you're done reading type? eh i don't know, type whatever you like.
thanks, bai.
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