my title is an animal killer. o_X
anywayss. here's a little bit of something i've been working on. i'd rather you comment on this than the shetty set. i don't like my writing at all, but i do LOVE you guys. :] your opinion is the one thing that matters to me. ♥
His eyes watched her intently. Everywhere she went, his eyes would follow. He fixed his gaze on her hair. That crazy, red hair that defeated the wind when it came to speed. He wouldn't remove his eyes. He couldn't. It was physically and mentally impossible. Even if he tried, he couldn't come close to looking away. This girl was the closest thing he had to happiness. No matter who she was, or where she went, he would be there. Following every moment, every action, every word, every thought, silently. The invisible heartache that was tucked away in a secret corner of his black heart was finally disappearing. Each time he got a glimpse of her, the aching pains would dissolve. They were like the quiet ripples of a lake in spring. Ever-present, but never to make a sound. Surprisingly, she couldn't be more unaware. Her steps were smooth, her expression calm. The only thing that seemed to worry her was the amount of people. There were only ten to fifteen, but to her, the room was packed. Allodoxaphobia was eating her alive. It was like a surreal monster from some overrated movie, and she was the innocent victim. Except for the fact that in this story, there was no happy ending. This wasn't love. But it wasn't hate either. It was something entirely different, a feeling so strong and undeniable, even the Disney-version of Hercules couldn't break it. This time he was her focus. He walked briskly in front of her. She was soundless and light on her toes. As much as she couldn't stand her alcoholic mother, she silently thanked her for enrolling her in ten years of ballet class. Without it, she wouldn't have been able to walk so gracefully, yet so purposefully. His face was smooth, like a perfect stone a little girl would pick up at the beach and show her parents, but also hard. The expression on his face had so much knowledge. So much pain and agony. His eyes seemed to smile a knowing, wise smile. They were alone now, outside in the bright sunlight. She took the sunglasses out of her purse and placed them on a nearby picnic table. He picked them up and put them on, walking quickly away. What mind games could do for a young girl's heart...
She brushed the almost blood-like red bangs over to the side of her face. The once observant young man was now completely avoiding her eyes? She was confused, her head was spinning...but she couldn't stop walking. When she knew she had to have something, she couldn't stop herself. It was a delirious feeling, that feeling of want. Her eyes seemed urgent and impatient, her heart slow and confused.

♥Should I continue? Do you like it? Thoughts? Hate it? Love it? I suck, right?♥
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