{ these are the days that bind you together forever }

finally got this to a point where I could publish it; still not complete though.


Wrote two years ago
Merlin! How I miss Merlin, yeah, in first season they were like the biggest otp and then everyhing changed without warning, ugh, and the season four ruinned the whole plot, but the show is really good, and Merlin and Arthur brotp is the best!

Wrote two years ago
@angeltomlinson But at least these two were on Merlin together,which I'm totally going to have to watch now btw. If Gemma and Richard ever do a movie or something together, I will flip out! Like these feels are way too overwhelming!

Wrote two years ago
I know! Things now are totally different! This RP is the best I've ever been in, and their faces mix so perfect that it hurts not having them on the real book and show! This totally ruinned my feelings, *freaking out*.

Wrote two years ago
@angeltomlinson Thank you! Omg, their faces really just make the collections that much better. I mean Katie, Bradley, Richard, and Gemma are all just so ridiculously perfect that it hurts. & I will never be able to look at the books or the show the same after this!

Wrote two years ago
This is gorgeous! All of your collections are, and they are so cute together! How this RP ended up so perfect like this? Now I will be depressed everytime I read the books because this didn't happened!


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