~As Tall As Lions, Song for Luna {never heard of this band, have you? Now you have. Listen to them. You won't regret it.}


Barbara Palvin is such a goddess. Hungary is lucky to have her. 

Monday, December 12th:
It's your first day back at school after the long weekend. Hope you're well-rested, because you're about to be attacked with piles of homework. Later, there's a party out at the old barn.

"God, she is a freak," I whispered to Gretchen as we came up toward the barn, red plastic cups in our hands, watching Claudia act like a cat in front of our entire class, licking her hands and acting like she was in another world. 

Gretchen made a noise at the back of her throat. "Maybe she really has problems, you know? Like she can't help it?"

I glanced at Gretchen. "Please, she does it for attention. Isn't it obvious?" I pointed at her again as she began to move quickly this way and that, acting skittish around the twins, who were laughing. At least Casey was. Her hick sister Chandler looked uncomfortable, standing there in braids and a plaid shirt like a typical cowgirl. 

"Nice party, Alice," Elizabeth said to me as she passed by, looking already buzzed. But we both knew she wasn't, she just liked to pretend she was.

"Like I would throw a party like /this/," I hissed at her. "What's a preacher's daughter doing here anyway?"

"No one's going to tell my Daddy," Elizabeth said in a snippy tone, watching Gretchen and I as we watched her sway to the terrible country music coming from someone's truck. I didn't see any of her little minions anywhere.

"Like he doesn't know you're here," I snapped. "You're too dumb to realize that every single person in this crappy town knows every single thing about all of us. And you gossip about all of it all the time, forgetting that there's gossip about yourself, too."

Elizabeth scoffed, taken aback. "You're such a b-tch."

"What a mouth on that little girl," Gretchen said under her breath and we giggled as she stomped away, grabbing Zoee by the elbow and steering her toward the inside of the old barn. I didn't think they were even friends, but what did I know? What did I /care/?

"Alice, Gretchie, lovely place, barn and fire." Claudia came up to us then, bug eyes wide and haunting. 

"Hello," Gretchen ventured in a soft voice.

"Midnight midnight midnight, the clock strikes," Claudia rambled. "Stars and galaxies at midnight."

"Get away from us, you psycho," I told her, pushing away with Gretchen at my side. 

"Seriously, I think she has like, a diagnosed problem," Gretchen said as we neared the keg. 

"I'll diagnose her," I commented, and then we both laughed and I was glad Gretchen was my friend. I wished there were more girls like her in the stupid town.

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