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May 5: Amelia and her best friend, Skylar, are throwing a party to at their house to welcome everyone to San Francisco. Make sure to mingle with everyone and hopefully become friends. You’ll be seeing a lot of them. Try not to get too ‘small’ celebrity starstruck. Amelia and Skylar used to be on an MTV show, remember? All of their old co-stars will be there. Hey, maybe you’ll be able to say you hooked up with a celebrity?


"So do you actually know these girls?" Sophia asked pointing to a magazine which had Amelia and her friend on the cover. 

"No , Well i think i might have interviewed them once." I answered honestly. I wasn't overly familar with Americain reality tv stars even though i have to talk about them all the time.

"But you are going to their party?" Sophia asked raising an eyebrow. 

I nodded "I mean it can't help knowing more people here , right?" I said suddenly feeling very self consicous. Why would i go to a party where i knew nobody?

"Yeah. Who knows maybe you'll meet some hot attractive guy who could help.."

"Sophia no." I said cutting her off i knew exactly where she was going. Maybe you can find a guy that will help you move on from Ashton. 

"I was just saying." She said looking down.

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