name: Kisha Hamilton
age: 18
model: Gemma Ward
occupation: NYU Business Major 
likes: Romeo & Juliet, her family (most of the time), making snow angels in Central Park, apples dipped in peanut butter, the feel of warm sand under her toes, working with her brother
bio: Working as a mechanic with her older brother Kole, and living with her older sister Katarina, Kisha relies on her brother and sister for everything. They practically raised her, considering her absent parents. Though her siblings protected her from what they could, Kisha was introduced into the mafia at a particularly young age, only fourteen. Over the years she did the odd jobs and dirty work, rising her way up to a safe position somewhere near the middle. She’s employed with her brother at the mechanic shop, which doubles as a meeting place for the mafia. 
involution in the mafia: the Hamilton kids have done a good job recovering from the downfalls of their family, and Kisha is no exception. Minus her small fascination with a boy in a rival mafia, Kisha has finally gotten her somewhat safe position. 

It was an average day, or at least as close to average as a member of a mafia could experience, in New York City. As I left campus, I couldn't resist but to take the long way to Ron's Shop, cutting through Central Park. This was like my safe haven. With every visit to the park, memories of my childhood would overwhelm me. The urge to make a snow angel was almost unbearable, but I somehow manage to contain my childish ways. Lately, though, the park was bringing new thoughts to my mind. My forbidden love interest to be exact. It was like my very own "Romeo and Juliet" story; our families hated each other, but maybe we could bring them together. Yeah right. This was all only wishful thinking. But I couldn't help but let my thoughts continue to wander through a tangle of love, hope, and acceptance. I drifted deeper into my fairytale as I was approaching my destination...

" out!" I heard my brother yell as I ran straight into a shelf at the mechanics shop, knocking over oil cans and wrenches. 

"I-I-I'm sorry Kole," I manages, not realizing I had walked into Ron's still in my own la-la-land. 

"It's fine as long as you're okay. You looked pretty dazed whenever you walked in here." My brother said, sincere concern furrowing his brow.

"Yeah, I was just...thinking," I replied half heartedly. 

"Oh...thinking about Mom again? She didn't look so well whenever I left the house this morning. All doped up on pills again. She was still breathing though, so there was no reason for me to stay there..." he said this as if still trying to convince himself that our parents weren't wasting their lives away.

"Yeah, um..that's it. I'm glad she's okay though," I told him, agreeing just so he wouldn't question me anymore about what I had really been thinking about. After all, there was no point talking about something that would never be a reality.

-->describe yourself and your life up until now. 
-My life has been pretty tough, even for that of a person in a mafia. Absent parents is something no child wants to experience, but luckily I have a great brother and sister who have always looked out for my best interest. I don't know what I'd do without them, and rather not even think about it. This life that was chosen doesn't really bother me, though I do wish everyone got along better...
-->what's your role in the mafia, how do you think the other members view you?
- I work at Ron's Shop with my brother, Kole. I've never really played a huge role in the mafia, but I always try to help out to the best of my abilities. We may still be young, but I think my siblings and I are doing a good job carrying out the stuff my parents no longer care about doing. Sometimes I feel more secure than other times, it just depends. 

1. Kisha Hamilton
2. Katarina Hamilton
3. Alena Netrocova
4. Valentina Benet
5. Lizabeta Bar

-->how many roleplays are you currently in? do you think you can meet the weekly requirements? 
-Currently I am in no roleplays. I am trying out for 2 others, though. I definitely think I will be able to make the weekly requirements.
-->why should you play this character? 
-I have started coming up with a lot of ideas for Kisha and I think that I could portray her personality very well.
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