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used the biker jacket
go out and do something good for somebody
*reading to the blind*
"Becca Kirk, thank you so much for coming today" an old lady told me when I reached the home of the blind. It was like a hospital but not. Everyone or mostly everyone was blind here. I decided to make my misson of the day...was to read to them. 
I picked acouple different books and shoved them in my bag. 
My phone's text message beeped.
Ash: what are you doing today?
me: reading to the blind
Ash: why?
me: idk, because they can't?

I turned my phone off. 
I didn't feel like getting asked amillion questions.
I sighed and left my home.
The drive there was long but I didn't mind.
I read to abunch of people and I felt good about that.
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