shein collab 12 ♡ set 2 of 10

-- sleepyhead / passion pit


first of all, my baby jadyn is having a set challenge and you should so go enter! ^.^

this is for battle of the bands! @midnight-glow ♡

Requirements: (tick or X)
[✓] At least 1 picture of your band/group (10pts)
[✓] Include an outfit (10pts)
[✓] Include a reference to your favourite song (10pts) 
*This can be done by including lyrics, a picture, symbol, etc. 
[✓] Use at least 2 or more colours (5pts)
[✓] Fill out the form (5pts) 
Total: 40/40
• Name of your band/group: passion pit
• Which song inspired this set?: "sleepyhead"
• How did you reference this song in your set?: i used an outfit that seems pyjama-y and sleepy with the jogger bottoms and slippers. i tried to use "comfy" looking fillers as well such as the blanket. i kept the colours very light and soft because they seem like "sleepy" colours to me :)
• What are your other favourite songs by your band/group?: ooh i have many! little secrets, the reeling, swimming in the flood, to kingdom come, take a walk, carried away, hideaway, lifted up (1985), and all i want


hi guys, how are you? i seriously haven't asked that in months. comment how your day was if you like! i'd really like to know :) i'm pretty good today myself! i'm currently watching a gabriella lindley vlog (let me know if you love gab because i adore her!) and chilling because it's officially holidays! i just have a few more school related things to work on and then i'm totally free

i have a shimmery, coppery smokey eye look going on right now and it's so cute i can't even. it's so easy to recreate youtuber's looks because you don't necessarily have to have high end products, you just need the right shades. i have loads of neutral eyeshadows and perfect shimmery golds/burnt reds/coppers etc. i'm really happy yay. don't think i'll ever be a major makeup person - i don't even do it much when i go out, i just do it at home for fun most of the time tbh - but it is cool to experiment with for fun

#jemmamurshasnochill gloria is a genius hi number one

i was going through my remembrance hashtag (#/jemmadontforget) earlier and i scrolled right back. i looked through so many old sets and it was a huge stroll down memory lane. it made me so nostalgic, happy and sad! i've been using it for over three years so there was plenty there. if you have a remembrance hashtag you've been using for a long time, you should go look through it :) looking through mine was pretty fun and i found a few gems! here are some below that can serve as throwbacks for today i suppose

this valentines day card from farrah that lauren made from me
possibly the best set for me ever

the birthday set farrah made me
the description is so cute aw i miss farrah so much

an old comfy set by me

an icon i never used by @/txmblr-icons // @/chanelflowurs
i'm using this temporarily until i decide that i want to go back to my old icon or until i find another! it's so pretty

my old links set
i really like this set ah it's so cute

that time i made a "classy" simple set
white and one other colour combo game strong

that amazing jenna icon @/charcharr made me
i still love this as much as i did when i first saw it hehe

anyways i'm actually kinda tired now so bye bye xx

comment "sleepyhead" if you read all of this

- jemma

2.7.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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