As much as Arizona is a great model, her cat walk is more like a llama's walk. Seriously, she shouldn't be doing runways. She's much better having her photo taken. She's beautiful but just not on the runway o.o skdas

Anywho, I had to make this set just for doing this challenge which @sophiesb the awesome llama sauce tagged me in :D See, check out her uber wuber awesome set here ( It's seriously incredible that your mind might explode so I'd call 911 if I were you. 

Rules: There were suppose to be rules but I thought screw it so I'm making my own rules of just answering the damn thing xD 

A - ALBUM YOU LAST BOUGHT: Vinyl records must count in that case so I'll have to say Queen's the Game, Flash, Queen II, and Sheer Heart Attack (I need all of their albums in vinyl record o.o it's like my life goal bahaha) 


C - CELEB CRUSH: Since Freddie Mercury's basically my husband, that's not considered a crush. Well, if I had any crush, it would have to be rest of Queen's band members and Tom Hardy ;) 

D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Water with a tint of lemon in it. I just came from a French restaurant and akdjasda I feel happy. 

E - EARLIEST MUSIC MEMORY: My goodness. I'd have to go way back to "Jesus loves me yes I know, for the Bible tells me so, blahblahblah" something something and everybody would probably know this "I love you, you love me, let's go kill Barney. With a great big shot and a great big hammer, let's just go kill Barney" Hmm... I don't know if that was the song's lyrics but that's what I think I sang before. 

F - FAVORITE SONG ABOUT LOVE: Melancholy Blues and LOVE OF MY LIFE. LIKE, who could ever beat Love Of My Life? That's the greatest (yet saddest) love song in the history of love song songs ever. If you haven't heard of it, shame on you. Go listen to it now and cry. ( 

G - GUY BANDS OR GIRL BANDS: It really depends if they make good music because I really wouldn't want to be bias o.o (and if you think I was about to answer girl because I'm a girl, I was actually going to answer boy bands because most of the good music comes from dudes) (and most girl bands make crappy pop crap so boy bands man) (but I did say I wasn't going to be bias so depends really) (but seriously boy bands are much better) (but I'm not bias so I'll shut up now) 

H - HAPPY SONG: You And I, Funny How Love Is, You're My Best Friend, Don't Stop Me Now, Here Comes the Sun, Spaceman, Dancing In the Street, and there's just a LOT okay. 

I - IN LOVE WITH ANY BAND RECENTLY? ISN'T IT OBVIOUS QUEEN. Well, this wasn't exactly recently and I will forever be in love with them. For other bands so you don't get tired of reading about how much I love Queen, I'd have to say the Killers, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles :D 

K - (BEST) KISSING SONG: Sweet Lady but I really don't imagine myself kissing anything with human genes so why would I even have a say on a "best" kissing song?! 

L - LONGEST CONCERT: Well, I went to Hillsong for about 2 hours or so. 

U - UGLIEST BAND (AS IN MUSIC): One Direction of course. 

V - VEGETARIAN?: As much as I love animals, I really can't stand the thought of having vegetables and ONLY vegetable like I think I might end up crazy because I won't be able to eat burger anymore. 

W - WORST GUILTY PLEASURE: I have this friend who I paired her up with this guy and they look really perfect together that I even set up this fan page for her where I post some fan art. I know she hates it but I can't help it. I don't know if that's considered a guilty pleasure though hahaha. 

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: I already answered that so I'll say my soul. 

Y - YEARS BEING AWESOME: Probably only this year ;D 

Z - ZOO ANIMAL: TIGGGGEEEER. I held a baby tiger when I was 10 or something and they're just aksdjlad I want a cat that looks like a tiger because if I get a real tiger it's going to be illegal and I might get arrested. 

-Unicorn name? Leonardo Dicaprio. Wait. Could that be a unicorn name? 

-Sex song? WHAT. Well, Get Down Make Love or Dragon Attack both by Queen is.... uhhhh... I'm pretty sure that's what those songs were written for o.o 

-Favorite Condiment? LEMON WOOOOOOOOOO. I just love the sting :D 

-Place you would live in?: Switzerland :) It just seems so peaceful and lovely there. 

-Favorite Tea?: Tea is one of my worst enemies. It's like drinking warm water with a bunch of roots from the ground dangling about. It's gross in my opinion.

-Crowdsurfing or moshing?: No to both because I am claustrophobic. 

-Fruity Gum or Minty Gum?: Fruity gum oh my word seriously. It's so tasty and it tastes so good that I actually prefer it's taste to the real fruit.

-Crunchy or Chewy Chips Ahoy?: CHIPS AHOY WOOT WOOOOOTTT Those cookies are the shizz.
-Best Video Game?: PRINCE OF PERSIA IS EPIC. ALSO CALL OF DUTY AHHHHHH. I love those games to death :D Or maybe Tekken. That's awesome too. 

Do you like this quiz?: It's so typical. I WANT AWESOMER QUESTIONS OKAY. Next time, make much more interesting questions. You know what, maybe I should just make my own question list so it doesn't have to be the same similar layout like every other challenge. o.o 

What are you wearing?: NOTHING BEATS PAJAMAS. 

Necklaces?: An imaginary Bvlgari one. 

Bracelets?: An imaginary Swarovski one. 

Your eye color?: Black. Look into my eyes and see darkness wooooo O.O 

Your hair color?: Black, just black. I'm extremely boring. 

Short or long hair?: I might have a haircut tomorrow tun tun tun. 

Height?: 5'1 EWWW AGAIN because I seriously hate the fact that I'm this short. 

Nail Polish?: Gold or black but I really don't put nail polish. Only once in a century or something when there's events. Besides, it's irritating to take off nail polish. 
I tag the last 20 people who liked/commented my sets:

Ugh. I'm way too lazy to tag more people but for anyone who wants to do this, DO THIS. I woulda tagged all of you but my mind is about to explode right now due to it being 1 AM SO JUST DO THIS and tag me so I could see your awesomeness be awesome :D 

PS I would have tagged @hijabikebabi and @tell-me-more but it's extremely similar to what you guys did already so I'm not sure if you'd want to do it again haha.
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