story time: 

“Hey Izzy… You know what we should do?” I asked lying on the bed beside my cousin staring boredly at the roof, “what’s that Hil?” she replied sitting down beside me stretching lightly; I looked at her with a mischievous grin. “We should go dancing tonight.” I said sweetly she raised an eyebrow at me curiously, “should we now?” she replied with a soft laugh and I nodded at her. She was quiet for a moment before calling out to her brother in law, “Sammy!” 
Sammy walked in with his hand casually in his pocket “what’d you like Iz?” he asked leaning casually against the wall Izzy grinned and put on the best sweet face she could “would you look after Ellie and Sadie for tonight please?” he looked at her curiously and laughed before nodding “course. I will.” 
She got up quickly and hugged him “thank you. Also... keys please.” Izzy said holding her hand out to him; he shook his head lightly placing her car keys in her palm before walking out, “don’t get into trouble you two.” He called walking off, Izzy turned to me a satisfied and excited grin on her face “shall we get ready my dear?” she asked holding out a hand, I laughed and took her hand having her pull me up “we shall.” 
I walked out of my bedroom and to the car where Izzy was waiting; she looked at me her eyebrows raised, “you wearing that hat to keep you warm?” she asked me laughing as I slipped into the passenger seat, I grinned and nodded at her “that I am.” I replied with a laugh. 
I had on a black crop top a pair of ripped denim short shorts and black caged high heels, as well as my blacked furred cat hat my hair which was actually turning back to ginger rather quickly, hung over my shoulders and stopped just above my waist. 
I glanced over Izzy’s outfit as she pulled out of the drive way and drove to a club a friend of hers owns, she had on leopard print crop top and black high waist short shorts with gold buttons lining them and I assumed she was wearing her favourite black wrap high heels and her black hair was tied up onto a side pony tail on the left side. 

I got out of Izzy’s car and waited for her to lock the car before we both walked into the hidden club that was only accessible by invitation, we got to the door and knocked three times before it opened to show a man that was taller than us by far and in his late 20’s he looked at us for a moment and smiled “ello girls.” He said stepping sideways to let us inside. 
I walked in behind Izzy as she kissed the man’s cheek and walked behind the stairs, to a door that was painted to look like the wall, Izzy tapped it a few times and the door opened to show us a flight of stairs going down to the underground of the building. 
There was music pumping up from the base of the stairs I grinned feeling all my worries of the moment melt away, Izzy and I weren’t doing too well with our boyfriends lately so tonight was the night we were just going to let go, forget and have fun. 
We got down to the bottom of the stairs lights flashing in all different colours, people were sitting around on velvet and leather couches some chatting, some making out and others going that one step further, there was a multi-coloured dance floor that was filled with people dancing and singing and beside them was a bar, but right up the back was an almost stage where there was a Dj playing songs and taking requests. 
There was a wolf whistle from the left of us and I turned to look past Izzy to see a boy with spiked black hair resting one arm on his mate with soft blonde hair and a glass of beer in the other hand, Izzy laughed lightly looking at the boys and I smiled looking at the two guys, Jason and Tom. 
Tom stepped forwards making Jason stand up straight, he slipped an arm around Izzy’s waist pulling her in close to him “you’re looking good for a mum miss Isabella.” He told her with a smirk; she laughed and gave him a soft almost pitted look, “thank you Tommy… but this isn’t for you.” She told him and he let her go faking hurt, Jason laughed circling around me and looked at Tom, “ouch dude.” 
Tom laughed and looked at me “you lovely ladies want a drink?” he asked smoothly, Izzy looked at him “just a coke for me tommy. I gotta drive. And she’s underage” 
I laughed and looked at Izzy “didn’t stop me from getting into a club iz.” I said making Jason laugh, Tom turned to me again “what will it be miss Hilary?” I thought for a moment, “cruiser thanks.” I told him and he nodded with a suave smile “I’ll be back” he said winking as he left. 
Jason stopped in front of my placing a hand on my hip “there’s no way you’re fifteen. You’ve got to be lying miss.” He said in my ear, Izzy already disappeared into the crowd on the dance floor taken over by the beat was my assumption; I looked to Jason and tapped his nose, “that’s my secret sweetheart.” I said back with a smirk. 
He laughed and moved his hand to mind spinning me and tipping me backwards, “want to dance then hot shot?” he whispered leaning over me, I laughed and looked at him casually, “only reason why I’m here” I replied. 

I collapsed onto a red velvet couch breathing heavily as Jason passed me my second cruiser of the night, Izzy was sitting in Tom’s lap with a coke in her hand and a grin on her face as he told her a story that happened at the club the other day. 
Jason had a beer in hand and sat on the arm of the couch beside me and he looked at me curiously “you still with that Harry boy?” he asked and tensed for a second remembering I had gotten mad at him just a few hours ago, and nodded “yeah…-I looked at him with a smirk- why you jealous?” I replied and he laughed sculling some of his beer. 
“I am a bit yeah. But then I’m the one here with you not him. So I’m pretty satisfied at the moment.” He told me with pure honesty, I was quiet for a moment taking a sip of my drink sighing and looking back to Jason, “got anything slightly stronger that won’t get me in trouble?” I asked and laughed nodding jumping off the couch arm and holding a hand out to me, “come along hot shot.” He said grinning, I looked to Izzy as though asking permission, and she nodded at me before I turned back to Jason taking his hand allowing to pull me from my seat and across the dance floor. 

Jason holds out a shot glass to me with a bright red liquid in it, I took it from him and without even asking what it was I swallowed it quickly winces ever so lightly as it slid down my throat, a sudden energy rush washed over me and I stood up grabbing Jason’s hand and pulled him away from the bar and into the middle of the dance floor with me. 

*Izzy’s P.O.V*
I giggled as Tom breathed down my neck making my hair stand on end, his hands rested on my bare stomach as I leaned against him. 
I sat up quickly to see my 15 year old cousin dancing rather seductively on the dance floor against one of my old friends Jason who was about 5 years older than her, I pulled myself away from Tom who sat watching me confused on the couch. 
I had suddenly realised what we were doing, Hilary had a boyfriend, I had a boyfriend and two children this was stupid and reckless and would probably kill them. 
I walked past the crowd that was watching Hilary closely as she pressed herself closer to Jason while the music continued to play; I stopped in front of her and grabbed her hand pulling away “Hil. Come on its late.” I told her clearly and she nodded giggling “okie doke.” She said and waved at Jason and the rest of the crowd good-bye. 
Hilary was most definitely drunk, which I was going to be shot for by my brother and probably Harry, and everybody else, I dragged her out of the club and back into my car. 
Sitting in the driver’s seat half way home I glanced to Hilary who was unconscious in the passenger seat I noticed that one of her shirt straps had been broken and I sighed shaking my head “damn it Jason… you couldn’t keep your hands off could you?” I mumbled driving home. 

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