Day 05 – Your childhood, in great detail
• Were you wealthy or lower class, how you spent your days, what you did, what you liked and disliked, how you acted, what you and your family/friends did

I suppose you could consider our family as upper middle class, since dad is a pretty famous heart surgeon and all. Mom used to be a TV anchor and we had some savings, according to my dad, which came from my grandparents. We were never super rich, like what you’d see in the Hills and everything, but we never had to worry about college tuition fees and all that. I really think my siblings and I are just so dang lucky to have grown up in such a privileged environment. Is that the right word? Environment? Oh well, you know what I mean! 

As far as I recall I loved living in New Haven. Which is not that far from where I live now, which is in Long Island. Oh I am so adventurous. I digress. Anyway, we live in this really big house in Hamden (, which is a town in New Haven. My siblings and I spent many hours in the backyard playing pretend games and building our own tree house in one extremely hot summer afternoon. I guess that’s where all my best childhood memories were. 

I was never really a super popular kid. In fact ever since I attended grade school I was classified as one of the geeks. My siblings were all older than me and super cool, so I resorted to playing with myself or just reading in my room. It sounds really sad, but I didn’t like people very much either back then. They freaked me out with all the unnecessary touching and I was bullied a lot back then and going to school was something I dreaded everyday. It got so bad I had to transfer to Hamden Hall Country Day School in middle school instead of continuing at the public school. 

Everything worked out better from there I think. I was put through counseling and joined a bunch of afterschool activities to keep myself busy and to stop myself from getting negative thoughts. Girls’ volleyball took up most of my time; there’s just something very satisfactory about smacking a ball around, pretending it’s someone’s head. I was also involved in drama and theater as a costume designer. That’s also when I started to really love thrift stores; I’d spice up our boring school uniform and girls just flocked to me for fashion advice. 

So basically I made friends, became more popular, started having people over at my house and became a normal teenager. Yada yada yada. Oh and I dumped my boyfriend of three months at the prom. How ‘bout that? 

Day 06 – A typical day, in great detail
• What do you do from sun up to sun down, where do you go, what time do you wake up/go to sleep, who do you see, what are you concerned about on a daily basis

Since I’m finishing up Masters for my major in Journalism, my days have been really hectic so far. I’m also a freelance photographer, which eats up whatever free time I have during the weekends. It’s insane, but I love what I do, so I guess that’s what I have to bear for piling all this workload on myself. This is just the basic rundown on what I have been doing for the past few weeks. 

07 30: Wake up, walk around the house like a zombie and try to figure out what the hell is going on. 
08 30: Panic, realize I’m running late and do everything in a mad rush, grab a cup of coffee and bagel for a simple breakfast. 
10 00: Reach Brooklyn Campus. Dawdle around a bit and head for my first lesson. 
12 00: Next lesson on photography, which is all the way at the Media school. 
14 00: Lunch time! 
14 30: Visit Ed Sullivan Theatre to iron out some details for the ten months of internship and some paperwork. 
15 20: Back to Brooklyn Campus for last lesson of the day 
18 15: Visit the office for the school newspaper to check for new jobs and relax for a bit. 
19 30: Head back to apartment, pig out on pizza and churn out papers until it’s almost time for school again. 

I can’t wait to start my internship.
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