i'm not fond of the set or the story but i haven't wrote for andy in a week so yeah.


"F.ck you!" I heard Rachel yell at Nate. Oh goodie it was one of those days. 
I had only two options.
 1. Stay in my room all day 
 2.Run as fast as i can and don't come back for another day or two.

At the current moment staying in my room was the safest option but i didn't really want to hear them fighting or worse hear them making up after.

So that left me with one option. I had to get out without being spotted and dragged into whatever they were arguing about. Probably about last Saturday night.

"You have a message." Alex said walking into my room , throwing my phone on my bed.

"Oh come on in Alex , don't worry about knocking or anything. Just make yourself at home." I said sarcastically grabbing my phone. "What are you even doing here?"

"Can you not hear world war three going on out there? I am not going to be out there when Rachel pulls a Russel Crowe and throws at a phone at my head." He said looking around for someone where to sit and ending up making himself comfortable on my bed.

"No i thought that was Rachel just doing her morning exercise " I said sarcastically earning an eye roll from Alex. "And wouldn't she throw the phone at Nate." I said. It made sense Nate was the one Rachel was pi/ssed off at.

"She is crazy." Alex deadpanned. "My face is to pretty to get injured."

"Oh please if she threw anything at you it would just bounce off your hair." I said looking at his hair which looked like it had a whole tub of gel in it.


"Who are the messages from?" Alex asked trying to change the subject. I frowned "I don't know have you seen me look at it?"

"Well check , Jesus Andy ever since you started pole dancing you have got stupider."

"He showed you!" I yelled covering my mouth. I did not want Rachel and/or Nate coming in but i couldn't believe Tom. I still hadn't forgave Mac for sending it to him but i can't believe he showed Alex. Alex of all people.

Alex just smirked. "I was impressed actually." 


"Shouldn't Tom be the jerk considering he was the one who showed it to me?" Alex asked slightly amused. Oh i hated it when he was amused. Mostly because he usually only got amused when i was in pain.

"Yes but he is young and naive." I said shaking my head Tom was like a baby compared to the rest of them. A slightly perverted one but still.

"He isn't as naive as you'd like to believe." Alex crossing his legs and sitting up slightly.

"Oh shut up." I said waving my hand at him, "And the message is probably from Mac or something." I said pulling my phone out of my pocket and looking at it.

"One was Jordan." I said before looking at the next name and frowning. 


"Oh i know that frown , It is usually reserved for me though. So i am guessing it wasn't Mac." Alex said looking over at me curiously. Maybe i was tricking myself but i swore a saw a hint of worry in his eyes.

"Nah it was an old friend."

"Named?" he asked waiting for an answer.

"Does it matter?" I asked sitting on the opposite side of the bed. Alex nodded "Yeah but i will let it slide for now. What does this old friend want?"

"To meet up on Saturday for a picnic." I said sighing. Alex raised an eyebrow "So i take it your not to friendly with this 'old friend'"

"No that isn't it." I said , It was the truth. Raina was pleasant enough , we had always got a long and when we had our yearly chat there wasn't any awkwardness , well not as much as there could be. I mean after all i was one half of the conversation.

"Well what is it? Are you allergic to the sun?" Alex asked with a teasing grin. I pushed him slightly "Seriously though Andy if you like the person why are you all frowny?"

"It's just , I am assuming everyone from our high school group is invited and when i was with that group i always felt insecure and out of place." I said honestly. Alex looked over at me "Isn't that how you feel now though? I thought that was the point of the list. To make your more confident."

"No the point of the list is to make me more interesting." I said "And that isn't it." I said letting out a frustrated sigh "I just hate going back to highschool Andy." Alex nodded , "It's like i go back to those feeling , i don't know how to describe it but whenever it happens i feel like always need their approval. That i need to impress them and i shouldn't because i hate half of them."

"Well go tell them your going on tour with a super awesome band and you have no time for peasants." Alex nodding knowingly. I looked over at him rolling my eyes playfully. It was strange this was the most chill conversation Alex and i had in a long time. Strange to think it used to be like this all the time.

"They wouldn't appreciate your music Alex." I said "They have no taste."

"Neither did you , I remember fresh out of high school Andy. You pretended to like Screamo crap when you really had a slightly awesome taste of music. If you take out the shit/ty pop punk bands you liked."


"You liked Panic At The Disco's second album." he said raising his hand as if that ended the conversation.

"I don't know if i go." I said looking back at the phone. "I could lie."

"Take Tom with you. He looks he belongs in a boyband. Those girls will be overwhelmed when he flips his hair." Alex said dramatically flipping his hair , well attempting to flip his hair.

"What did Jordan want?" 

I looked at that phone startled , I complete forgot my brother messaged me. "Uhmmm" I said going through my messages "He wants to borrow my car. Apparently his radiator is f.cked."

"You have a car?" Alex said actually suprised. He pratically lives here but he doesn't know that.

"Yeah , Rachel mostly drives it though. Since it easier for me with public transport."

"I really didn't know that."

"You can't borrow it." I said quickly , I knew Alex once he knew you had something he would 'borrow' it. For instance Rachel and I's washing machine , my Harry Potter books. Infact the jacket he was wearing now once belonged to me.

"I had no intentions of borrowing it Anders."

"Good." I said glarring slightly.

"Its quiet out there now." Alex said looking towards my door. "Do you think one of them killed the other?"

"Possibley. Rachel was pretty upset. What actually happened that night?"

Alex shrugged , "I was pretty drunk , I remember Rachel and Nate arguing and then Rachel and Tom left. I left cause i wanted which caused Kate to chuck a fit. Nothing interesting really."

"Alexander Madden your such a charmer." I joked , while i didn't want to admit i was kinda happy he skipped out on f,cking Kate and he could do better. As much as he is a jacket stealing , gel wearing d.ck he did deserve better then Kate.

"What can i say i love em and leave em." 

"Ain't that the truth. Now i am going to venture out there and attempt to drive to my brothers."

"Goodluck." Alex saluting me. "You have to leave to , i am not leaving you here on my bed." he scoffed getting up.

"Thanks Andy."


"So you drove here to give me your car and now i have to drive you back to your house and then drive back to where i live." Jordan said not taking his eyes of the road. I don't know why he didn't we were stuck in Sydney's gridlock. Stupid M2. 

"Shut up Jord." I said rolling my eyes. Okay so that wasn't my best plan. It wasn't really a plan at all. 

"I can say what i like , i am older than you baby sister." 

"I am 21." I said pouting "I am not a baby."

"You always will be to me." he said grinning , knowing this would piss me off. Let me explain Jordan and I's sibling relationship. While Jamie and I bonded over female things and bands , Jordan and I bonded over mockery of most of our inlaws , a shared humor , our annoyance at Jamie and basically liking to p.ss each other off. That being said i would probably go to Jordan if i had any problems because you know his my big brother.


"Don't make me leave you on the side of the road."

"How long do you think it will take for your car to get fixed?" I asked curiously. Apparently what happened was Jordan went to some car place and they gave him the wrong thing and his radiator blew up. 

"Apparently it should be fixed by tomorrow at noon but i don't have my hopes up."

"Fair enough."

"Is your friend okay with this?"

"Who Rachel? No idea. She was to busy fighting with Nate to notice i left the house." I said resting my head against the window.

"Did he use her loafer again?" Jordan asked scrunching his face up.

"Nah it's more serious this time." I said frowning slightly imagining if Nate and Rachel did break up. That would be awkward for everyone involved.

"What could be more serious than a loafer?" Jordan said sarcastically. "Seriously you need to get some smarter friends."

"Thanks for the judgement Jord , You sound like mum."

"No i would be more screechy if i did."

"True" I said , "Do you remember Raina?" I asked. Might as well get a family opinion on this matter. 

"Was she the one you walked to school with?"

"No that was Maddie."

"Oh which one was Rainia?" Jordan asked tilting his head slightly.

"The one that went to primary school with me."

"Oh her yeah. Why?"

"She asked me to go to a picnic." I started. 

"And you don't want to go." Jordan said. "Just say you have other plans."

I could always rely on my brother to tell me to lie if i didn't want to deal with people.
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