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I knocked on the door of Soren's apartment a few minutes early, hoping I looked okay. Trying to relax a bit, I sprayed a breath freshener in my mouth and threw it back into my bag. I heard a few noises, then the opening of the door in front of me.
"Hey." he smiled as the door opened.
"Hi... I'm not early am I? Or late?" I reached into my bag for my phone to check the time, his hand moved over mine instead to remove it from the bag.
"You're fine.. Don't worry." He drew me inside and closed the door behind my, taking my jacket. "I made chicken since you said you didn't like fish.."
"That's nice of you.. It smells good in here.." I smiled, looking around the apartment.
"And hopefully it should taste as good as it smells if I followed the recipe correctly." he chuckled, "I can read one of those.."
"Better than me. I'm not one for taking directions." I smiled, taking in the view of the apartment.
It was so much neater than mine but mine was a complete mess due to my two roommates. I stepped forward glancing around. Then my phone's alarm went off, blaring out a loud obnoxious tone. 
Soren smirked at me, "Another important text?"
"No," I said shaking my head, "It's uhm, I have to take my medication."
"For what? If you don't mind my asking." he looked concerned.
I shrugged, "Oh nothing, I just have a problem with my thyroid glands." I lied as I reached into my purse once again to find the pill bottle, "Would you mind getting me a glass of water?"
"Sure." He took a glass down from the cupboard and filled it with cold water from the tap to hand it to me. Watching me, slightly concerned. 
I shook the pill into her hand when he was busy, stuffing the bottle back into my bag and swallowing the pill when he turned around. I smiled, "What did you make?" I set my purse on the couch and moved out to the kitchen.
He chuckled, "Baked chicken with herbs, asparagus and tossed salad.."
"All that?" I arched a brow at him, glancing at the food spread out.
"I was out to impress.." He shrugged his shoulders, a smile quirking his lips. "Did it work?"
I nodded with a smile, instantly feeling better, not sure if it was due to the fact someone had wanted to impress me or the fact I'd taken my anti-psychotic. 
"It sure did." I said, hoping I didn't sound too enthusiastic. 
"Good to know." he grinned.
"Yeah, I'm starved-" I stopped, realizing that didn't match too well with what I'd told him about my condition, "I mean uh- I could eat." I cleared my throat.
He handed her plate, letting her serve herself then he did the same, "The wine's on the table.." Moving over to the table to sit across from her, not a large one so they weren't too far apart. 
"You went to a lot of trouble, Soren.." I said, cutting my food.
"The end result is worth it." He paused, when I looked up he spoke again, "I got you to smile.."
I blushed looking back down to my plate, "Yea, well.... Let's see if this food is as good as it looks."
He chuckled, pouring my wine and his, lifting the glass to his lips for a drink.
I picked up my fork, still staring down at the food. Shrugging I gingerly set my fork into the asparagus, taking a bite as he eyed me. Chewing, I realized I didn't just like it I loved it. Sure it was amazing but I wasn't going to be overenthusiastic again. So I nodded slightly and started on the chicken, even better, if possible. 
"You like it?" Soren asked, setting his glass down.
"It's pretty good.." I trailed off, taking a sip of wine.
As soon as I set it down I began eating again, practically inhaling the food. Looking up, I stopped, somewhat flustered.
"Sorry I shouldn't eat like a pig." I put my fork down, "Probably why I could stand to lose a few pounds..." I sighed.
He looked up from his plate and blinked, "What? No. Really." He reached for my hand to hold it.
"It's true.. I'm a bit tall so I hide it better but I know I could pinch an inch.." I sighed, not looking at him.
"I doubt it, Layla. You're beautiful. A perfect fit.."
"A fit?" I looked to him with a confused expression.
"Your hand in mine and my arm around your waist.. Girls who are simply skin and bones don't make a man's blood boil.. I've worked with plenty of models but you're the one I can't take my eyes off of." He spoke honestly as he stood up, finding it easier to not mince words with her.
"Well thank you." I bit back a grin, taking another bite. I was almost done with my plate but still hungry. Swallowing my last bite I nodded my head slightly looking at Soren.
"I don't know if you're using lines on me or if that's the truth; but please, don't stop now." I grabbed my glass of wine and took a sip.
He shook his head, raising an eyebrow at me "Trust me, it's not."
Setting my glass down I smiled, "Don't I feel special?"
"You should. You are." He smiled, finishing his dinner then his glass of wine. 
"Ren." He spoke quietly..
"What?" I arched my brows at him curiously.
"I think we're on a more familiar level now." He smirked, setting his glass down. "We can have dessert later. I bought brownies." he said as he stood up and took the remote from the table to turn on the stereo system in the corner, jazz playing softly. Offering me his hand to stand as well, "Can I have this dance.."
I put my hand in his, "And you're going to top this how?"
"I'll think of a way but a kiss would be a good start." He murmured, tipping his head down to press his lips to mine as we moved together to the music.
My first reaction was to back away to avoid his kiss. But as our lips met I froze, staying firmly planted in place. I kissed him back as while hand rested on the small of my back. 
Pulling back, I bit my lip, "Wow."
"That's a good wow, right?" he grinned at me.
I nodded, "Very good. Can we do that again?" I chuckled, stopping myself as his face lit up.
"Er- I mean... if that's okay with you" I smiled.
"Of course it is.." His one hand lingered upon my back as the other cupped my cheek, kissing me again. He didn't pull away, drawing it out instead.
I took a slow breath through my nose, my hand sliding over his abs and up his chest to rest upon his shoulder. He came closer, deepening the kiss gradually.
Feeling my heart pounding in my chest, I couldn't help but tremble slightly. After a few moments I pulled away again staring him into those gorgeous green eyes.
"I should go." I sighed. "I have a test tomorrow."
"It's not that late. You could stay a little longer.." he reached out to stroke the side of my cheek. 
I blushed slightly and shook my head, "Sorry. It's kind of important. But I'll call you? Or you can call me.. either one works. I could- " I started rambling on, until he stopped me.
Capturing my half open mouth with another kiss. 
I nearly melted as he held his arm around my waist keeping my body still standing as I kissed him back.
He pressed me against the wall between the kitchen and the livingroom, his lips moving from mine to my jaw. His hands freed to lightly run over my body.
"I should go.." I gasped quietly.
"Are you sure?" He nipped at my neck, doing his best to be persuasive.
I was breathing heavily, thoughts racing as I tried to think. Sexual situations were awkward for me, or maybe more awkward when I enjoyed them. His gaze was fixated on me, as if attempting to read my thoughts. 
I looked down at my feet, "I'm sorry, I really should leave. Thank you for dinner."
He nodded and took a step back, releasing me from his hold. I tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear as I brushed past him.
"I guess I'll call you for another date?" he asked.
I was already at the door with my bag in hand. Turning around to face him I nodded in agreement, "That sounds nice. See you soon. Very soon I hope. Good night Ren." I opened the door, realizing I was leaving him for the second time in a row. He said something that I hadn't quite caught because by then I was already halfway down the hallway.
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