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And that you'd never have no worth, but you were always gold to me.
And back when we were kids, we swore we knew the future and our words would take us half way 'round the world. But I never left this town, and you never saw New York, and we never crossed the sea.
Always Gold/ Radical Face
I really like this song, it really reminds me of one of my really good friends. 
Good luck guys c: I think we're doing pretty great so far. I'm pretty excited I got put on such an awesome and talented team.
- @jennycaterina
- @call-me-taylor
- @georgipotterxoxo
- @vulture
- @love623
- @chaseawaythedarkness
- @blueberry-bubblegum
- @accio-samantha
- @her-heart-attack
- @mechanical-bride
- @the-crazy-girly
- @xhurts-like-heaven
- @malfoy-is-my-king
- @ginaheartscupcakes
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