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The studded bag is by Valentino at MONNIER Freres, 

The official Vampire Academy trailer has been released! I liked that it was longer because it sort of explains the premise. It looks like a comedy, seeing as it’s from the director of Mean Girls (no wonder), it’s poking fun out of vampires, rather than it usually being dark and serious (*coughs Twilight). With the way that poster looks, Rose and Lissa (pronounced Lis-sa, not Lisa) look a bit like secretaries strutting their stuff in a vampire version of St. Trinians. In the trailer, Rose looks like she’s channelling a Buffy with the stake! (I don’t remember Rose using a stake in the books but I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer! That was such an awesome show). I don’t know what’s a werewolf doing there (Jacob is that you?!) and why there is a cat. I’m surprise that’s Mia (the one with cropped blonde hair), I imagine her as a porcelain doll when I read the books. 

To read the last book or not to read the last book, that is the question! Reason why I never read it because a friend said it was really bad and that's why I didn’t read it. Apparently, Rose was a b!tch, esp. to Adrian! Awww Adrian. I prefer Adrian over Dimitri. Come to think of it I don’t understand the attraction between Rose and Dimitri. 

In my earlier sets, I used to rave about it a lot! And now the film is finally here...I was excited when there was going to be a film but that was back in 2009/10 when I was into the series. I’m not as excited as I was before but I will be watching, as I really enjoyed reading the series! The concept is really interesting and there is great humour and wit with the characters. 

VA collection: 

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