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I really liked my last set based on @ingrid’s layout. This one, not so much. Also guys feel free to use Isa whenever you want. I mean it really!

Isabella Allen; December 13

I wouldn’t really admit it but I’d had the outfit for first day of filming prepared for days. Adrian had helped me, and although he’d originally tried to convince me to wear the most fashion forward and edgy look I could manage after I’d reminded him I still actually had to go to work today he relented.

“Alright Babe?” Adrian asked me, letting himself in with coffee in hand.

“Of course.” I nodded, full of fake bluster, gladly taking the caffeine from him.

“Well savour the last free moment of the rest of your life.” He told me solemnly fishing around in the satchel slung over his shoulder to procure breakfast pastries.

“You are a life saver.” I smiled gratefully at him, taking a muffin, “Though you are being mighty melodramatic.”

“So you think.” He whispered all conspiratorially.

“You are a giant dork.” I rolled my eyes, practically scarfing down my breakfast because I was ready for the day. I was so ready for it.

“Just you wait and see.” He nodded knowingly, “You think you know reality television. You don’t know how invasive it is.”

“Oh yeah.” I said dryly, hoisting myself up onto the kitchen counter, “And what would you know about reality television.”

“Enough.” He shrugged all evasively, taking a bite of his own breakfast to avoid me.

“Oh I know that look. You secretly watch all this reality tv don’t you?” I asked giggling like a mad woman, “All the shit you give me about crime shows killing my brain cells and you’re actually worse than me.”

We were interrupted then by a knock on the door, “Saved by the bell.” He called triumphantly, running off to answer it and leaving me to wonder exactly when I’d buzzed anyone into the building.

“Oh Isabella.” Adrian singsonged, returning to the kitchen with a camera crew in tow, “Are you ready for your close up?”

Here goes nothing


5 Essential Items
One; Leather Jackets. I love them so much I have more than 20 in different colours and cuts.
Two; Simple White Blouse. They serve as good bases for even the most out there look
Three; Thierry Lasry sunglasses. If your eyes are the windows to your soul there are times they should defiantly be covered
Four; Colourful heels. To add a pop of colour and height of course
Five; Cross body bag. To keep my hands free and carry all my stuff.


To say the day had been weird so far would be an understatement. I’d had work at the boutique so of course the camera crew had been following me around filming me helping and styling clients, ordering some new stock, changing the displays and just generally chatting with Adrian. Adrian who was far from camera shy.

Whilst I still wasn’t entirely confident in front of the camera Adrian had taken to it like a fish to water, and had been as flirty, charming and outrageous as always.

It was just after lunch now and Adrian and I were lounging around on one of the large seats in the middle of the store. There was no one in right now but we often went through stretches of time just the two of us. Good thing we liked each other so much.

“Isabella.” A timid voice called out. Turning towards it I recognised Sally, one of our regular clients in here.

“Sally hi.” I greeted, standing up with a grin, “What can I do for you?”

“Oh. If you’re busy I can come back later.” She shook her head, notoriously shy. Though knowing her history she had the right to be really.

“No, no. Not busy at all.” I grinned largely, “This is my camera crew. They follow me now.” I told her with a laugh. Adrian was chuckling in the background but Sally didn’t crack a smile.

“They film her always.” Adrian interjected playfully.

“Always?” She questioned looking or worried, “I guess I’ll just go somewhere else.”

“Don’t be silly Sally.” I rolled my eyes, walking towards her, “They have enough footage. They won’t film you if you don’t want them to.” I said, pointed eyes at the one I think was in charge.

“Actually we’ve been told to film everything.” He said, fake apologetic look plastered on his face, though he didn’t sound it.

“Well you’re not going to film Sally.” I told him firmly.

“Isabella it’s alright.” Sally said, tugging on my sleeve, “I’ll go somewhere else. I don’t want to cause drama.”

“Don’t be silly.” I rolled my eyes, “This isn’t just about you. I might as well get this out of the way now.” I took a step forward towards the crew itself “Now look here. Reality show or not this is my client. When this show is over I’ll still have to work here, I’ll still have to build rapport with my clients and they’ll still have to trust me. Which is why you need to respect me and my job by backing off a little.” I snapped, with more forceful confidence than I realised I had.

“We’ll have to talk to the producers about this.” One of the other guys said, bossman looking kind of furious.

“Fair enough. Every other client today has been fine with it.” I reasoned, “You have more than enough footage of little old me. Why don’t you go get lunch or something.” I said. They all looked at each other before nodding and traipsing out. Bossman with a glare for luck.

“Thank you Isabella.” Sally said all sincere eyes and cute pouting like only an 18 year old could do.

“No problem, it needed to be said.” I nodded reassuringly before switching into business mode, “Now were you looking for anything in particular today.”

It was later, when I’d just rung up Sally’s purchases and she’d left the shop that Adrian swooped down to whisper in my ear, “You know of all the footage they shot today your little rant is probably what’s going to end up on tele.” 

“Well shit.” I moaned, leaning my head back against his shoulder. He just laughed at me like the jerk he was.

“Well look at the plus side.” He said, and I was sure this was going to be at my expense, “Before all the footage from today was going showcase me not you. Now at least you’ll get you’re minute of fame.”

“You are a dick.” I cried, launching myself at him and catching him by surprise. We both landed on the ground in a heap, scrambling full of knees and elbows while we searching for the advantage to launch a tickle attack.

He’d just pinned be to the floor, straddling my waist when I noticed that the camera crew had returned and were filming.

Well crap. First day of filming and I’d already managed to make a giant fool of myself.

C’est la vie I guess.
Questions about the show
Why did you decide to come on Running In Heels?
It was actually at the urging of my best friend Adrian. He basically applied for me. But I’d have done it anyway because I love styling I love fashion and I love everything about the industry itself. I’d really like to be able to make a career for myself in it and I honestly think the show is a great way to do that without be having to surrender my current job for a uncertainty.

How did you feel when you were accepted?
I’m not going to lie I was super nervous and maybe a little skeptical that Adrian was playing a prank on me. But I was also pretty ecstatic about it when I realised it was the real deal. 

What do you think you will bring to the show?
I guess a sense of reality. Styling is fun but it’s also a lot of hard work and it’s taken a lot of work to get here. I want to show people how rewarding it is but that most of us who do it work hard behind the scenes. Plus my style itself is quite quirky and unique or so I’ve been told so there’s always that.

What are you looking forward to the most about the show?
The ability to prove myself. To the world, the judges, the other contestants and I guess to myself as well.

Why you should you win?
I work hard. I’ve been at this a long time. I’d like to work hard enough to win, to get validation of some sort after all this time. I guess everyone here deserves it so we’ll see how it pans out.

Questions About Style
Describe your own personal style?
Classy and classic I guess. I don’t have a word for it but I like to remain modest without being a prude.

If you could have any celebrity closet , who's would it be?
I’m not the biggest fan of the way she styles it but Miranda Kerr seemingly has a closet full of pieces to die for.

Name some designers, photographers, blogs, models that influence your work and what you like about them. 

Name the one item that everyone should have in their wardrobe?
It’s not a specific item as such but a colourful and fun pair of shoes defiantly. Shoes make or break an outfit and a good pair can spice up any outfit.

Do you typically follow trends or stand out on your own?
I mean everyone is influence somewhat by trends simply because that’s what’s available in the shops. But I’ve always believed in dressing for you, there’s no point in following trends if you don’t look good of feel comfortable in them.

If you could dress one celebrity/model/etc who would it be and why?
Florence Welch. Not just because she’s my favourite singer but because her style is to die for both on stage and off. It’s like bohemian princess with a splash of vintage Stevie nicks thrown in and there are so many things you could do with her. And her hair.

Have you always been intrigued by fashion? When did you first become interested? 
I guess I’ve always loved clothes and fashion. If I had to pick a specific moment for when I became interested in it I’d probably have to say when I was 14. My sister Clementine was 17 doing some modelling jobs for some quick cash and I went to the shoot with her. I just remember watching the stylist for the shoot and thinking her job was awesome and that getting to work in the fashion industry would be amazing.

What is your favourite era of fashion? 50's, 60's, 70's, etc.
50s and 60s just the classy nature of the decades. Fashion could be fun without being totally trashy.

What are you favourite colours to incorporate in your wardrobe?
Bright colours defiantly. Aqua, purples, hot pink and oranges are my go to colours but anything bright is a okay by me.

Who is your biggest style icon?
I don’t really have a style icon. Everyone has good days and bad days outfits they rock and outfits they look shocking in. 

Personal Questions
If you weren't working in fashion what would you be doing?
I’ve honestly never even thought about it. I guess working in some other sort of retail maybe.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Still in New York. Hopefully with a couple of other Boutiques around the country and styling some high profile people. I’ll probably still have no time for a personal life and that’s fine with me.

What are your parents thoughts on your career and lifestyle choices? 
I wouldn’t know. My parents are dead. 

How do you relax?
Being around people who are happy. Whether that’s out at a pub or at home watching dvds it’s more about the people than what I’m actually doing.

Favourite movie/tvshow/musician.
Tv Show: Any crime show really but please don’t make me pick between them. I could narrow it down to NCIS or Criminal Minds if I was pressed.
Movie: Chinatown
Musician: Like I said before Florence + the Machine. Otherwise I’m more into Old music rather than the newer stuff.

Biggest Fear?
Oh gosh. I’d defiantly have to say failing. There is absolutely nothing worse than the feeling of failure. It absolutely ruins me!

Favourite thing to do in your hometown?
Visit my sisters.

Three words to describe yourself?
Driven, honest, cheerful

What is happiness to you?
Doing what you want to do around the people you want to be around

What can you not survive without?
/A wild Adrian appears and wraps his arms around Isabella’s shoulders/
Adrian: Clearly that would be me.
Isa: Adrian get off
Adrian: Admit it’s true.
Isa: Adrian seriously, you aren’t funny. Get off.
Adrian: Make me.
/Some producer shoots death glares at Adrian./
Adrian: Alright fine fine. I’ll leave you alone
Isa: Thank you
/Adrian kisses her cheek and wanders off/
Isa: /sighs/ Well as annoying as Adrian is he’s actually pretty right. I’m not sure how I’d be able to survive without him. At least not at work which is basically my whole world anyway
Adrian calls from offscreen: I heard that! And I knew it
Isa /facepalm/
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