1.Who Are you?
(Gossip Girl Challenge)
name:: lauralai st. hamilton
age:: sixteen 
Chayenne St. Hamilton (Heather Graham)
owns the St. Hamilton hotel chain around the world

Hugh St. Hamilton (Owen Wilson)
owns the St. Hamilton hotel chain around the world
Oscar (18) (Alex Pettyfer)
Hilary (22) (Erin Heatherton)
biography:: Lauralai is the mysterious, beautiful new girl who joined Constance sophomore year. With her alluring doe eyes, buttery blonde hair and bow lips, you'd suspect to be as mean as Blair or as cunning as Serena. But truth be told: she's not. Laura is completely taken aback by Gossip Girl and the rumours that go by here. But when a wholesome girl gets taken in by New York's it-girls, something's bound to change. Let's hope she doesn't lose sight of what's important to her.
clique: penelope, kati and isabel {occasionally blair}, erik

enemy(s): since she's new, laura really hasn't had the
time to have enemies. She thinks Nate's adorable, Chuck is charming, Dan is thoughtful and Serena is mystical. She hasn't taken the time to know Jenny and is a little afraid of Vanessa.

relationship status:: single but getting hit on a whole lot {though she's not really interested}
style:: very vintage, preppy and sometimes casual.
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