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Okay so here's the story! Shout-outs to @tabithasue and @lilyracheld for being awesome! By the way, check out their sets and stuff, because they're REALLY GOOD! 
A true lady, I have so often been told, must eat in extreme moderation in order to maintain a desirable physique. 

Which is exactly what that Fitzwilliam boy was doing right now. And exactly what I wasn't.

I decided my first impressions of him must have been right. What kind of a man is presented with tea and scones and pastries and macaroons, and just stands there practicing with his katana?

On that note, where the hell did he get a katana from in the first place? We were on a train, whizzing by all the sand and sea at unbelievable speeds. There could only be one explaination.

He's a witch.

That would explain the lack of hunger (I was personally stuffing my face), and lincredible naivite.

''Hey WonderKid,'' I stopped eating to say.

He stopped twirling the blade around to look at me. ''...yeah?''

''You're a witch.''

He seemed a little confused, but then changed the subject. ''Call me Will.'' When I didn't reply, he continued, ''Magdelena said our mentor would be arriving soon.''

''What the hell's a Magdalena?''

''That green-haired Capitol lady.''

''Oh.'' Her. Our mentor couldn't possibly be any worse than that slimy Capitol Witch. Ah. Another witch. Maybe that's why she apparently got on so well with Fitzwilliam. Will. Whatever.

Suddenly, the doors of our compartment burst open and the weirdest thing I have ever beheld sashayed in eating a macaroon.

''What the hell are you?'' I demanded, one step from purging it with holy fire.

If I didn't know any bettter I'd say it was some sort of man. A very tall man, with dark skin and cat-like eyes. Sound normal so far? That would be because I haven't yet mentioned the circus-like clothes he wore; a glittering blue dress shirt constrcuted from fish net, sardine-pink leggings and a shiny electric-blue frock coat.

His hair, a barely visible shock of gold, was part-way covered in a dinky, slanted pirate hat. 

''Hello, my Tributes!'' he thrilled, leaping to hug us.

I would have kneed him in a personal area, did he not release us almost instantly. I brushed myself off, incase whatever he had was contagious.

Will's mouth was hanging open. I wanted to put a pastry in it. ''You''''re...''

The man-demon turned to me, looking a little concerned. ''Is you're friend okay?''

My eyes narrowed. ''Call him my friend one more time and I'll carve out your eyes with a sharpened biscuit.''

''you''re...'' Will continued, ''You're...YOU'RE THEODORE HELMSWORTH!''

''...well done,'' Theodore said flatly. ''It is unfortunate, but true, that I, Theodore Helmsworth. Tea?'' he offered, picking up a pot of it.

We shook our heads.

Theodore took this as a sign to pour the entire contents of the pot into him mouth.

Scoffing with disgust, I dispaired about life in general. I was stuck in a train with WonderKid and what looked like a gay pirate with a caffeine addiction.

The Games couldn't possibly start soon enough...
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