Thimble kids collection

  • The Gangs all here
    "It's summertime , the sun's shinning & everyone's met at the empty block where they have found some old empty cotton reels to climb & play upon. There all there to play & listen to so misic & just enjoy each others company. I wonder what other things they may get up too!!!" — tigress158
  • Becareful Bunny. it's hot
    "Darshee & Ikeisha are enjoying an afternooen tea to celebrate Ikeisha's birthday. Darshee made her a beautiful Birthday cake. Happy Birthday Ikeisha." — tigress158
  • See how my garden grows
    "Marikoth, had the greenest thumb in the villiage. His garden is a masterpeice of colors & a magnificent selection of brightly colored flowers, with the sweetest aroma's." — tigress158
  • Straight & true, he shot the star to the top of the tree
    "Time to decorate the tree so Santa can leave our presents. Talanashta had to climb on her thinble to reach but thats half the fun. Shonassir thinks it;s great he gets to shoot the star to the top of the tree with his bow & arrow. Perfect he gets it in the perfect place first shot. Yah Shonassir, perfect shot." — tigress158
  • Sweet smelling wreath
    "Gaelira has made & then decorated this beautiful Christmas wreath from scratch. She's so proud of herself, she taught herself & through trial ^ error her wreath is finished. She can be proud of herself because after all her hard work her wreath has come out beautiflly." — tigress158

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