list number three.
i know what you're thinking:
"why the fuck do i want to know what maddie eats?"
well, you probably don't, but i will warn you that i eat "different" things.
1. tofu.
2. mangoes.
3. blueberries.
4. papaya.
5. guava.
6. starfruit.
7. oatmeal.
8. jif peanut butter.
9. avocados.
10. fiji water.
11. sweet potatoes.
12. celery.
13. pomegranates.
14. sunflower seeds.
15. pumpkin seeds.
19. ginger.
20. chocolate ginger.
21. banana chips.
22. vegetable chips.
23. mango sorbet.
24. coconut milk.
25. flatbread.
26. green tea ice cream.
27. frozen yogurt cherry garcia.
28. red velvet cake.
29. extra dark chocolate.
30. salmon.
31. mahi mahi.
32. calamari.
33. all types of fish, actually.
34. scallops.
35. eel.
36. sushi.
37. wasabi.
38. herbal teas.
39. gingerbread.
40. edamame.
41. ramen.
42. herb butter.
43. multigrain cheerios.
44. broccoli.
45. green beans.
46. sun dried tomatoes.
47. naked mighty mango juice.
48. flax crackers / flaxseed.
49. steamed carrots.
50. lettuce.
what are your favorite foods?

here's something interesting:
- pizza is not one of my favorite foods.
when i do get pizza, my mother has to order from a special place that will only use whole grains.
and the only kind of pizza i will eat is
- whole weat
- spinach and
- sun dried tomatoes and
- basil.
it's not so much that i'm a picky eater,
my stomach can't handle a lot of unhealthy things.
but i do splurge for red velvet cake or gingerbread. the kind of green tea "ice cream" i eat is actually nondairy and made with coconut milk. and dark chocolate i can do because if it's over 60% cacao, it's considered healthy?

i am kind of strange.

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