//To get your nails to dry faster, get a bowl of ice cold water && dip your nails into it without touching the sides of the bowl. Leave your nails in the water for about 15 seconds or more if they don't dry.

//Wash your face every day thoroughly with face soap. The water should be pretty water. Afterwards, wash your face with cold water to close your pours.

//When taking a shower or a bath, make sure to use a shampoo && conditioner that is right for your type of hair. If you have dandruff, I would suggest Head & shoulders.

//Brush your hair gently to prevent your hair from falling out easily.

//Shave AFTER you take a shower because the pores are open && the hair will come off easier.

//After taking a shower make sure to moisturize with lotion to keep your body feeling soft.

//Make sure to brush your teeth TWICE a day. In the morning && at night.

//Floss all the time after you brush your teeth or eat something. But you don't have to every single time. Flossing will prevent you from having bad breath.

//It's also a good thing to use mouth wash when you are done flossing && brushing your teeth to make sure that your teeth are squeaky clean.

//Make sure to wash of your makeup off before going to bed so that your face won't have many blemishes.

//Don't squeeze your pimples! Don't pick or scratch at anything! 

//DON'T rub or try to pop your pimples. That will make them get even bigger.

//When drying your skin from washing your face, don't scrub your face in the towel, gently pat it.
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