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  • Nirvana Bleach - Green Vinyl UK LP RECORD (70332)
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    Buy NIRVANA - Bleach - Green Vinyl (vinyl LP) at / esprit
  • Radiohead - OK Computer LP
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    Radiohead's third LP, originally released in 1997 and re-pressed here on double 180 gram vinyl. Conceptual, textured, and totally legendary. 2008, Capitol. TRACKLISTING 1. Airbag. 2. Paranoid Android. 3. Subterranean Homesick Alien. 4. Exit Music (For A Film) 5. Let Down. 6. Karma Police. 7. Fitter Happier. 8. Electioneering. 9. Climbing Up The Walls. 10. No Surprises. 11. Lucky. 12. The Tourist.
  • Ramones - Rocket To Russia LP
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    The third studio album from The Ramones, originally released in 1977, now available on 180-gram vinyl cut from the original analog masters, complete with all original replica packaging, including printed inner sleeves .2011, Rhino. TRACKLISTING 1. Cretin Hop. 2. Rockaway Beach. 3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. 4. Locket Love. 5. I Don't Care. 6. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. 7. We're A Happy Family. 8. Teenage Lobotomy. 9. Do You Wanna Dance. 10. I Wanna Be Well. 11. I Can't Give You Anything. 12. Ramona. 13. Surfin' Bird. 14. Why Is It Always This Way.
  • Vinyl & CDs at Urban Outfitters
    Urban Outfitters stocks a wide range of new as well as classic vinyl records. From Eps to LPs on a 12in format. We also stock record players to play them on!
  • New Museum Store Sonic Youth Set: Sensational Fix
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    The iconic post-punk band Sonic Youth is famed for blurring musical genres, veering from thundering rock to dismantled experimentalism, and expanding the possibilities of the electric guitar. This comprehensive 784-page volume includes two 7-inch records with unpublished songs by each member, album covers, band portraits and documentary photos, many of which have never been published before.
  • Archiver Record Player and Converter | Turntables |
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    Convert your vinyl records into digital format with the Archiver Turntable from Crosley. This beautiful record player comes with a USB connector to transfer your music to the computer. Also includes a radio, CD player, and cassette player.
  • Alice In Chains Jar Of Flies/SAP - Autographed USA 2-LP vinyl record set (Double Album) (399375)
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    Buy ALICE IN CHAINS - Jar Of Flies/SAP - Autographed (2-LP vinyl set) USA C257804 Deleted at
  • The Smiths The Queen Is Dead - Green Vinyl Germany vinyl LP album (LP record) (139)
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    Buy THE SMITHS - The Queen Is Dead - Green Vinyl (vinyl LP) Germany RTD36 Deleted at
  • John Lennon - Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy - Vintage Vinyl LP - Watching the Wheels, Kiss Kiss, Hard Times are Over, and more...
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    John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Double Fantasy. Geffen Records. GHS 2001. Vinyl: VG++ Cover: VG++ Shipping: All records are shipped USPS. Records include a poly sleeve and inner liner (original if available). General Condition: All records are “used” unless stated otherwise in the . Grading is visual. Thanks for checking out Bottoms Up Records! We appreciate you adding our record to your favorites! We are posting new records all the time so please check back often. Why download when you can spin vinyl for the same price!!
  • Mod 1960s Smith Corona Corsair Deluxe Portable Typewriter
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    MID CENTURY SMITH CORONA CORSAIR DELUXE TYPEWRITER. Jack Berkshire felt the airliner level off as it reached its cruising altitude. He leaned forward and pulled a small beige colored case out from under seat in front of him. He placed the case on his lap and clicked the two buttons on the lid, then lifted the cover to reveal a small typewriter. He fed a piece of paper into the carriage, leaned back and slipped a cigarette into his mouth. As he patted his suit jacket feeling for a book of matches, a stewardess surprised him as she reached from over his shoulder with a Zippo to light his smoke. "Ah, thanks miss," he said, cocking his head up to acknowledge her. "I see you have a Corsair Deluxe portableare you a writer?" She asked. "Ohwell yes, I'm actually a reporter miss, I write for the New York Times." "Are you working on some kind of exciting exclusive?" The beautiful blond asked. Jack was taken back by her interest. "Umnot exactly ahI actually write on entertainment, you knowmusic, movies, TV and the like." "My, I bet you get to meet lots of movie stars?" "Well I've met a few, but for this trip my editor has sent me to England to interview some new teenage rock and roll band. Get this they call themselves, 'The Beatles', can you imagine?" "You mean, they are named after those big ugly bugs?" The stewardess giggled out. "No" Jack snickered, "They spell it 'b.e.a.t.l.e.s' you know like a drum beat. Sounds like a bunch of crazy kids to me but hey, I get a free trip to England out of it." ITEM Jack may have written off the Beatles, but he did his "writing off" on a spiffy Smith Corona Corsair Deluxe portable typewriter not unlike this one. This compact machine is light beige with silver-tone accents and white keys and was made in England in the mid 1960s. It measures 12" X 12" X 4" tall. The body is constructed of plastic. The carrying case lid attaches to the typewriter body. It weighs in at around 9.5 lbs. CONDITION: This is machine is in good condition and looks like it has been well cared for. The exterior is very clean with no cracks, chips or breaks. The interior mechanics are also very clean with no rust. We tested all the keys and they all work. The only issues we found with this machine is that the space bar sometimes doesn't always advance the carriage, requiring you to hit it twice, then it moves. The other thing is that it only advances double-space even when you have it set to single space. There's still a little life left in the ribbon--this machine uses a 1 5/8" diameter ribbon spool which apparently is no longer available but it uses a standard 1/2" wide ribbon which readily available online on 2" spools for around $7 $10 each. When you need to replace the ribbon, you'll need to transfer the new ribbon from the 2" spool which is not difficult. The rubber platen is in good condition with no cracks or excessive wear. The carrying case lid is in very good shape as well with only a few light scuffs. We have cleaned the exterior and lightly oiled the mechanics but have not refurbished this machine. If you are going to use it on a regular basis, we'd suggest having it professionally serviced. We have several other typewriters for sale including this one:
  • personal cassette player
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  • Vintage Cassette Player
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    The 90s are back and it's time to celebrate with this rad vintage cassette player housed in its original packaging. Features a deluxe AM/FM radio + a swivel antenna for the total look. Complete with a handle along the top for easy portability, this baby operates on batteries (not included) and AC input.
  • The lost art of making a mix tape Michele Catalano Sound System True/Slant
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    I've been hearing rumors that the cassette tape is making a comeback. First vinyl, now this. Can 8-tracks be far behind? Probably not. 8-tracks are like Betamax and ET for Atari: things that newer generations only know of as punchlines to jokes. I can almost get behind a cassette comeback, for [...]
  • Joseph Joseph cassette chopping board
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    Black cassette style chopping board by Joseph Joseph. 100% Plastic.
  • Art Print Hand Drawing Audio Cassette Tape Retro 80s Mix Tape
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    Art Print of an original hand-drawing of a retro cassette tape by Lindsey Porter of Brave Moonman. Printed on high quality cardstock. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" Each print is signed by the artist. The original artwork was created using india ink quality pen, and prismacolor markers and colored pencils.

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