Things I own. ♥

The first girlies I saw do this collection are @itslilahlovess + @that-blue-eyed-girl Please check theirs out!
This is just stuff here and there that I own. If you have any questions please ask! It can be about the quality, price, color, or anything! I'll be happy to respond to you guys! ♥
Everything is exact, unless I pointed it out. ♥


Wrote two years ago
@that-blue-eyed-girl ok. I'll just stalk different collections of yours. ;) Oh my gosh I forgot about doing a haul! Ahhh exciting! I can't for Christmas and my mom just told me that last night she ordered two trees. lol. Haha I can't have any more lace up boots and the burgundy loafers are so much cuter in person than online! ♥

Wrote two years ago
@that-blue-eyed-girl I am so turning into a shoe person! ♥ I really want more oxfords.
By the way I can't find your Christmas collection... :(

Wrote two years ago
@daisyforkailey This should be fun :)

Wrote two years ago
@kcp14 You should! ♥

Wrote two years ago
@daisyforkailey yeah this is pretty cool :) I might do it

Wrote two years ago
@kcp14 Thank you! ♥ Haha... I love to see what everyone has. ♥

Wrote two years ago
So pretty :) I wish I had all of those


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