"And the things that keep us apart keep me alive.
And the things that keep me alive keep me alone."

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So I was tagged in a survey set ages ago, but I can't find who tagged me. I'm pretty sure this is the survey, though, so here goes.

Where would you go to if you could fly anywhere on Earth?

• Well, I'm traveling to England this summer (with five days in London!), and it's basically gonna be the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. But I also really want to go to France and Italy and Germany and all the other European countries.

How many books do you own? 

• 50 to 75, maybe? A lot of the books I read are on my phone or borrowed from friends, so I've read a lot more than that.

What’s your favorite movie from your childhood?
• Anastasia: the best princess movie ever (cuz it's at least partly based on history.)
Who’s your favorite teacher?
• For the past two ears, I've had this wonderful history teacher named Mr. Morrell for AP Euro and AP US. He's so involved with his students and is terribly passionate about his job. The small size of he classes helps us bond as a group, and the AP Euro class from last year even had a reunion/Christmas party at his house over break. Next semester will be the first time in two years that I'll be at school without going to Mr. Morrell's class, and I just might cry.

What’s your favorite kind of clothing?
• It's a bit eclectic, really. I love to dress up for church (complete with hats and cute tights), but I tend to stay fairly casual for school with jeans and nice shirts/sweaters.
Bad habit?
•Gosh, there's a lot... I tend to ramble when I get nervous or excited, and I bite people's heads off when I'm stressed.
What was the last fictional thing you cried over (Book, movie, or show)
• I've now joined the Supernatural fandom, and I just finished the first season and am now on the second. Sam and Dean's issues regarding their dad keep making me tear up and I just want to hug them.
What was the last vacation you took?
• My parents and I went to Nashville over Christmas and did some shopping. We also walked the Vanderbilt campus, as that's Dad's alma mater, and I really liked it.

What’s on your walls?
• A few posters from 4 years ago that I really need to replace, some posters and flyers from plays that I've been in, and one lovely painting of a tree with colorful dots for leaves.
Where are you right now?
• Laying across my bed being a lazy bum cause I'm on winter break.
What kind of tattoo do you think you would have if you got one?
• I'm not a big fan of the permanency of tattoos, but I would want a swallow on my shoulder blade or a cross on my ankle with 1 Corinthians 16:14.

What did you do last night?
• I watched the Downton Abbey season 3 finale and wallowed in my subsequent sorrows for a while.
What’s your favourite album ever & why?
• Oh my goodness, I'm not sure, because I like to pick and choose random songs for playlists. I do adore Bon Iver's eponymous album, and could never get tired of a lot of the songs on it.

If you could see any band in the whole world live, who would it be?
• Florence & the Machine. She has a killer voice, and I think it'd be phenomenal live.

Explain your icon. 
• Benedict Cumberbatch in a particularly attractive shot of his neck and cheekbones. Nuff said.
What 3 things always make you feel better?
• Listening to music, eating Nutella, and having a Netflix marathon.
What’s your idea of a perfect night?
• Going out to eat with friends and then a movie marathon at my bff's house that basically consists of putting movies in and then doing everything but watch the movie.
What are you looking forward to right now?
• My trip to England this summer. I'm so so so psyched, and it's still 6 months away.

What’s your favorite smell?
• Mom making chocolate chip cookies, vanilla candles, or warm apple pie. There's also a very distinctive smell to the pillows and furniture in my house that I can't quite describe, but is unbelievably comforting.
What are you reading right now?
• I just finished The Great Gatsby (for the second time), and I'm in love with Fitzgerald's word choice. It's poetry. I'm also reading Catcher in the Rye for my junior theme, and I'm a bit more skeptical about it. I can't decide how I feel about it yet.

And yes, i'm an incurable literature nerd.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?
• Travel travel travel. I intend to backpack through Europe at some point, and I really want to live in London for a while. I'd also love to do some sort of long-term mission work, or work for a non-profit. (Yes, I realize that's 3 things instead of 1. Sorry.)

I tag: @vanessamalfoy , @lululovesyou , @stylebymeghan , @s-c-a-r-e-c-r-o-w , @carolynnl , and anyone else who wants to do a survey! :)
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