Heyyy, it's Bri. And someone elseee....my little sister! Yep, she's guest tipping. Her name, is Sammy c: SAY HI TO SAMMY XD lol so a n y w a y s, Sammy helped me with this(she designed the set herself xD) Okay...I helped a BIT. Blah blah blah, sorry for the credit rant, anyways ONTO THE TIP. c:


~ Carve pumpkins with your besties c:
~ Pick pumpkins
~ BAKE PUMPKINS (Pumpkin rant lol)
~ Ride PONIES (specifically unicorns XD)
~ Make pieeee
~ Do the yardwork by raking the leaves then ruin it all by jumping into the pile.
~ Give your pets makeovers! c:
~ Dress up your dude dog as a woman. Dress your dudet cat as a YODA for H a l l o w e e n ♥
~ Pick apples c;
~ Throw a Halloween party c:
~ If your really into fashion (like I am) then you can oogle over the newest fall trends c:
~ Decorate for Christmas early
~ Go around asking for candy wayyyy early
~ Give out candy a month before Halloween. 
~ You can wear your fluffy UGGS again!!!!!!!
~ Bake candy corn cupcakes (Tip on this soon)
~ Go to a Fall fair in your town c:
~ Football games :D

Thats all Sammy and I have for now. I will add more later if I think of any c: Comment if you have some tooooooo! c:
~Bri +& Sammy xx

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