i always hate when i wake up at like one, two, or three in the morning and CANNOT fall back asleep. here are some little things you can do to relax your body.

-Have a light snack.
*granola bar
*piece of fruit
*a veggie (like carrot sticks)
*fruit snacks (like those little gummy things)

-Drink some warm milk or water.
*NOT TOO MUCH. if you do, you are gonna wake up again to pee.

-Read a book.
*Reading a book will calm you down and make your eyes a little tired. 
*Don't read a book you haven't read before, because you might spend all night reading! 

-Write in a journal.
*You can draw if you want.
*Here are some things to write about:
~what happened earlier that day.
~a dream you had.
~a boy you like.
~a made up story about a unicorn.
~a pros and cons list to a problem that bothering you.
~a letter to a friend.
~a list of things you need to do
~a bucket list

If you really need to fall back asleep, here are a few tips that will make it easier to fall asleep.

-make your room really dark.

-cover your clock.

-play some calming music.

-add a blanket // lose a blanket

-cuddle with a teddy bear // stuffed animal

-go pee.

hope these helped you guys! ♥ requests? FORMSPRING US @ Tipchickas or PM us (:

xoxo, ♥ justinee @justine-renae


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@wooglepoogle97 thanks so much (: - justine

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"go pee" lol i love the list, super duper job :)

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