Hello Ladies,

Today I decided to write one of my tips about things to do when you are sick because that is something that i'm dealing with right now. However I would say if you are feeling incredibly sick one of the most important things to do is lay down, turn of your laptop or tv and try to get some rest, however if you have trouble doing that here's some other ideas of things you could do!

- read a book or a magazine
- work on writing a short story or your own book 
- do mad libs
- listen to music 
- attempt to make your own comic strip
- make a pillow and blanket fort and sleep in it
- watch some of your favorite movies and tv shows
- paint your fingernails and toenails pretty colors. 
- watch funny videos on youtube
- put on your favorite comfy clothes so you can relax a little more.
- take a shower or a nice relaxing bath
- drink some tea or hot chocolate or a bubbly beverage 
- Origami 
- Play the apps that you have on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch or other technology you may have
- cuddle with your pet in bed.
- check out the latest fashion trends
- find some easy crafts to do
- go on Facebook, twitter, tumblr 
- Do some yoga
- don't whine about it 
- take medicine when you can
- play video games
- bake or cook (only if your not contagious) 
- have some chicken noodle soup
- if your stomach hurts have some crackers
- learn some new fun words
- start a blog
- play video games 
- go outside and walk around the neighborhood
- make a collage 
- learn how to knit or crochet
- write a letter to someone
- watch the food network
- clean your room
- organize your closet
- do your hair in a crazy way
- play wii
- play online games
- draw pictures of your friends
- go online shopping or just look at stores online websites
- go on hulu and watch some of your favorite tv shows
- watch videos of baby animals

I hope that when you feel sick you might do some of these things to make your day less boring!

- Katie @katieisprettyinpink
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