things i want to use in my sets ☾

things to use in your sets // some set essentials
fave if you save please x
xo sarah


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cause nobody loves you baby the way i do ☾
taglist part O1 ☾
@haygurlhay so we just started talking but your sets are perfection omg / @nancymalik your a v good iconer / @wrigley67 / @calmkeeper / @patricia-pereiradesousa / @the-secret-keepers / @costina-raftu / @miss-fashion-is-great / @charlottepez / @c-00ki3 / @raisaa88 / @sea-star-tippers / @d-clara / @official-onceuponatime-magazine / @smarthelen / @lillipanda13 / @lovely-dreaming / @skylar72 we don't talk that much but i love your sets

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till my heart is open ✼
taglist part O2 ☾
@jojomoostache / @cecilia-malik01 / @meganbeauty / @oneheart41-d amanda you seem super super sweet and your sets are really unique and cute so we should totally talk sometime / @pinki123456 / @emcjones / @isabelgrace11 / @royal-resolution alana is perfect and so are her sets no matter what she thinks. you're so nice and cute and your music taste is a++ too / @nayelyestrella / @stylista-2 / @shenanay / @your-friendly-anons / @peppermint-purses / @inl0-ve

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a thousand years go by but love don't die ☾
taglist part O3 ☾
@rachel-berry-anon / @peace-moustache-rebel / @loves-music-sports / @veronicatomlinson / @heyitsrumbixo / @mrs-tomlinson-love alyssa my canadian buddy (': haha i love you a lot and tbh you have always been an inspiration to me with your sets and your tips, and also you are super nice and your fashion sense is amazingg, and you are super pretty. we should totally talk more / @ngterronez / @relephant allie is like a perfect human being tbh. we used to fangirl over dylan o'brien together and your sets are perfect just like you and i miss talking to you, so we should talk again

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everybody wanna take her heart away ✼
taglist part O4 ♡
@niightdreamer poppy, i love your username and your tips and icons and sets are absoloutely perfect / @sarahthewallflower / @annefoster99 / @hayleykayle / @im-half-a-heart-without-you jackie your tips and icons are amazing x / @izzy0727 / @alana-h / @lexieholl lex you are seriously one of the sweetest people on poly, even though we've only ever talked through comments of sets aha. but we share a lot of similar interests and your sets and tips are perfect. we should totally talk (:

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i wish that i could wake up with amnesia ☾
taglist part O5 ☾
@wxld i love your username! / @vanessa1313 your sets are perfection / @niallfeels / @yandrakeffer / @luvonedirectionforever / @princessalexandra13 alex your sets are like a big inspo to me bc they are all so gorgeous like you and you seem so cool so we should talk? / @harry-styles-stole-my-heart your username is awesome and you seem really nice! we should be friends / @ali-bear-horan / @always-believe14 / @chocolates-and-chanel / @deanprincesster


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