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I quite like this.
I like the colors, they're unique.
I think my sets always use unique colors.
Like lately I've seen a bunch of different people make the same generic colored sets and everyone uses the same color of blue, purple, etc.
Am I making any sense? haha.
I'm a little out of it today O_o

I'm in a melancholy mood right now.
Like I'm noy happy, but I'm not sad.
I don't know.

My older brother has been a wreck the passed couple days.
This morning I showed him a song on the way to school because the song helped me feel better, so I thought it would help him feel better.
In return he showed me a song that he said he "can't get out of his head".
He showed me A Place Where You Belong by Bullet for my Valentine.
I've heard that song before.
It's quite sad.
Here's some of the lyrics to it:

"I wish I died on that night right by your side.
So kill me now and let the good times roll.

Too late, too late.
I never said goodbye.
Too late, too late.
Can't even ask you why.
And now I'm wasting away
in my own misery.
I hope you've finally gone
to a place where you belong."

That's a really sad song.
And I've noticed that he does the same thing that I do when I share music:
When I usually share a song, it means that this is how I feel, please listen.

And it's sad to think that my brother is having those kind of thoughts.
It makes me very sad.
I'm scared for him.
But I'm not very good at comforting someone, so there's nothing I can really do...
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