by; @its-kelli-darling 

-don't buy school supplies until after the teachers give you the syllabus (sp?) it's much diffrent than jr. high

-not many people decorate there locker. it seems too little kiddish. most people have a mirror & a few pictures. 

-your freshman grades matter wayy more than you think they do. you'd be suprised.

-don't be afraid to get involved & try out for sports (: 

-high school football is a really big thing. even if you hate football, you should still go to games.

-most people (in my school) carry around there backpack everywhere. 

-remember how you were scared of 8th grades in 6th grade? & remember how you realized that there not scary and that your one! it's like that with upperclassmen too (: just stay out of there way if they look scary.

-these next for years determine the rest of your life. stay away from drugs, beer, anything bad. (:

-stay positive! time flies by.

-you'll be super lost on the first week. but believe me, you'll figure it all out (:

-be nice to your teachers! they write recommendations to colleges sometimes (: 

-be yourself. they'll be others like you & at the end of the day-popular people are only popular if you think they are. 


if you have anything to add, comment (:

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Wrote 4 years ago
also: freshman year's the hardest. especially 3rd quarter, around january-march. Everyone gets a case of what my dad calls "cranial rectosis" (head up in your bum - doing stupid things schoolwork wise and all) and everything else is easier, even if the work isnt.
And I've also learned that taking as many classes as possible over summer because then you have more room for fun classes in school :) like next year, I'll have all of my required elective credits done so I'm taking photography ♥



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