Things you'll need to survive a zombie apoclpyse

Collection featuring Coltellerie Berti Cutlery, Cree Sports & Outdoors, and 34 other items
  • Glock 22
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    "A glock is portable, that's why you'd want a small gun more than a really big shooting gun, unless you'd like to lug that around the whole time. Remember to have ammo, a gun is useless without it." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Berti Cutlery Compendio 6-Piece Knife Set
    "You'll need knives for cutting up food, also if you're really good with throwing, then you could decapitate a zombie from a far." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Berti Cutlery's handmade stainless steel Compendio table knives feature black resin handles. Handmade. Includes six knives. 9.25\"/24cm length each (approximately). Available in Black/Silver. Resin, stainless steel. Hand wash. Made in Italy.
  • Fenix 6 Level High Performance Cree LED Flashlight, Black, 4-Inch ($20-50) - Svpply
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    "In the dark you may need this, if there's a zombie apocalypse, the electricity would probably go out since the workers at the electricity factory could be zombies and all zombies care about is brains, they want their nom noms." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Gopro Rechargeable Battery
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    "You're going to need batteries for your flashlight (btw sorry that in the picture it isn't the usual battery you use for a flashlight, I couldn't find any aa, a, aaa batteries)" — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Go pro rechargeable battery. Extend your filming time with this spare go pro 1100 mah lithium ion battery compatible with all hd hero 2 and hd hero cameras. Features renowned anti-vibration "blade on beam” connectors that keep your go pro running even when you are getting thrown over the falls or down the side of a mountain. Battery life approx. 2.5 Hours. Gopro.
  • Union Jack lighter. Polished Chrome Finish
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    "A lighter is a must have, you'll need it for starting a fire, but make sure if you start one have you're weapons ready, zombies will be attracted to the light of the fire and then see you and you'll look like a double decked cheese burger to them." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • The Zombie Survival Guide
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    "You never know, it may help." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Proper preparation for the zombie apocalypse is the key to survival. Get all the information you need in Max Brooks' handy guide, from how to organize your non-zombie brigade, to maintaining a zombie free environment. There's even a briefing on the possible causes of zombie transformation. It's a must-have for your personal library and a great gift for a zombie-obsessed loved one, so grab a copy before it's too late!
  • Flaming Star Shop - Punkrock & Rock'n'Roll Fashion - Monster (Box with Bandages)
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    "No, bandages are not going to help if a zombie bites you, but if you get cut by something, put a bandage on the cut immediately, you don't want to die from blood loss or infections." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • baseball bat
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    "Now, baseball bats aren't going to kill a zombie right then and there, but they could damage their neck, making it easier for you to decapitate." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Crowbar
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    "Crowbars aren't the best for killing a zombie, you'd have to get pretty close to the zombie. But crowbars are good for prying doors open." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    A crowbar, pry bar, or prybar, more informally a jimmy, jimmy bar, jemmy (British Isles) or gooseneck is a tool consisting of a metal bar with a single curved end and flattened points, often with a small fissure on one or both ends for removing nails. In the British Isles and Australia, "crowbar" may occasionally be used loosely for this tool, but is more commonly used to mean a larger straight tool. The term "jemmy" or "jimmy" most often refers to the tool when used for burglary. Wrecking...
  • The Orange The Twinkie
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    "Okay so I know everyone is probobly like "Oh you got this from Zombieland" But quiet honestly, Twinkies and pre-bagged, no baking food is good for a zombie apocalypse." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Date: March 4, 2012 Context: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Asheville NC Sermon Text: Mark 8:27-38  Grace to you and peace from God our father in heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ.   It was just a few weeks ago… Jesus called out and said come follow me… I will make you fish for people… Jesus…
  • Black White Canned Goods Filled With Intangible Wisdom
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    "Though canned goods i know don't taste too good to people, they are a must have for zombie apocalypses, since they're canned, they probobly wouldn't be infected with a zombie virus. But if they're opened, don't eat them." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    I read the other day that Americans are known by people all over the globe for being the most impatient people in the world. I would have to agree with that
  • 1280x1024 Abstract Apple Water Drop Background
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    "You need water to live, duh! If you find any water in a lake, boil it, put in a canteen and save it for later." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Download 1280x1024 Abstract Apple Water Drop Background, Mac Wallpaper 1280x1024 HD Apple Background, HD Widescreen '1280x1024 Abstract Apple Water Drop'.
  • Klean Kanteen: 40oz BPA-free Stainless Steel Water Bottle
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    "You'll need something to hold your water, remember to keep a canteen with you at all times, you don't want to get dehydrated." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Kanteen Classic 40oz eco-friendly, BPA-free water bottle. 18/8 stainless steel, reusable, safe and healthy, great for camping, hiking, or backpacking.
  • KitchenAid Classic Can Opener Turquoise
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    "You're obviously going to need something to open your cans with." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Arab Shemagh Kafiya Square Scarf, White Black
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    "Scarves will protect your neck from zombies biting your neck (no, they're not vampires lol) Scarves aren't too protective, but they're better than nothing (if a zombie is coming, don't depend on your scarf to save your life)" — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
 Arab Shemagh Kafiya Square Scarf, White & Black: Clothing
  • Brass nuckles image by masterchasef on Photobucket
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    "If your weapons break, this might help. It shouldn't be your main weapon, but it makes a good backup weapon." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Fruit & Citrus - Fragrance - Bath & Body Works
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    "Helps prevent sickness and infection." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Alessi Gemini Pepper Mill & Salt Grinder
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    "Salt and pepper keeps meat fresh and also can make it tastier." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Design Marc Newson, 1999. Steel, lacquered beech-wood. Made in Italy by Alessi. The Gemini Salt & Pepper Mills for Alessi are fine examples of Marc Newson's characteristic style: a personal language, a gift of creating objects with a truly new form even in an area like that of table utensils, where almost everything has already been invented. 3.3" Dia. | 4.9" Tall.
  • Presto Single-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener Black
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    "Your knives will get dull after awhile." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Find product information, ratings and reviews for a Presto Single-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener - Black.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas | Home & Decor | Disney Store
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    "You're going to need something to write with" — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Pop Culture | Everything Else | Pop Culture
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    "You may need to take notes and write tips." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Bath Soap/5.2 oz.
    "Hygiene!!" — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Creamy lathering bath soap infused with the Neroli Portofino fragrance. Cleanses and leaves skin feeling soft and fresh. 5.2 oz. - Neroli Portofino Bath Soap/5.2 oz.
  • Sweet Treat Scented Handy Wipes
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    "Hand wipes are great if you may have gotten cut by something, you want to make sure to get off any dry blood." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    These just might be the cutest wet wipes we've ever seen! 10 mini wipes come in adorable, polka-dot packaging-choose from cool mint- scented Ice Cream style, or strawberry Cupcake. Perfect for those with a little bit of a sweet tooth! W/ aloe for a skin-soothing effect. Approx. 4"x2"
  • Dove Twin Pack Cool Essentials UC - 2.6 oz. : Target
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    "As I said earlier: Hygiene!" — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Mor Marshmallow Hand Cream
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    "You don't want to get dry skin." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and essential Vitamins hand cream by Mor. Marshmallow fragrance is a mixture of Vanilla Musk and Jasmine Flowers. A sweet sent is created by Sugar dipped Rose petals with White Carnation and Cotton Candy.
  • Unilever Plans To Introduce Axe Anarchy For Her
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    "To some people this may not matter, but what if you meet a cute guy/girl that isn't a zombie, you don't want to smell bad in front of them, right? This is optional by the way." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Union Jack Dryfly
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    "You'll need something to hold all these items, believe me, you don't want to carry them separate." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Barbour gets nostalgic with our Union Jack waxed cotton dryfly bag. Printed waxed cotton. Poly/cotton twill lining. Buckle fastening with adjustable shoulder strap. 15.5 x 12.5 x 5.5ins / 40 x 31.5 x 13.5cm.
  • Gloves/Arm Warmers | Accessories
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    "It will get colder at night." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    These arm warmers feature black and red stripes.
  • Grey Black Buckle Side Zip Boots | Hot Topic
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    "You're going to need something on your feet, and to anyone that wears heels, do not, I repeat NOT wear heels during a zombie apocalypse, it will be too hard to run." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
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    "You don't want to get sunburnt or get skin cancer, you'll probobly be outside most of the time, unless you get a house. If you get a house make sure the doors are all boarded up." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Army Jacket - Victoria's Secret Pink® - Victoria's Secret
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    "A camouflage jacket is good, because zombies don't always have the best vision (one of their eyes could be popped out) Make sure your jacket is long sleeved, zombies could easily bite your arm if they're not. Also make sure your jacket isn't too heavy." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    The hottest recruit of the season. Interior print graphic Oversized fit Button front with hidden zip and cargo pockets Imported cotton Interior print graphic Oversized fit Button front with hidden zip and cargo pockets Imported cotton
  • Distressed Detail Washed Jeans
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    "Never wear shorts or skirts, it'll be easier for a zombie to bite your leg then. (zombies could still bite your leg though, even if you have pants on instead of shorts)" — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Brand from SOUTH KOREA: Peeps. Color: Red, Materials: Cotton, Size: Product Measurements: S : Waist 74cm, Thigh 48cm, Waist to Crotch 20cm, Hem 31cm, Total Length 101.5cm M : Waist 78cm, Thigh 52cm, Waist to Crotch 21cm, Hem 33cm, Total Length 102.5cm L : Waist 82cm, Thigh 56cm, Waist to Crotch 22cm, Hem 35cm, Total Length 103.5cm, Care: Hand Wash with Cold Water
  • Chainsaw1
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    "Do I really need to explain?" — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
  • Airfoil 8900 Series Goggles
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    "Goggles are important, you don't want to get any zombie blood in your eyes. In 28 days later, a guy got a drop of zombie blood in his and he was zombified." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Purchase the Airfoil 8900 Series Goggles at Also see our full line of accessories, gear, protective gear, and more, including the Airfoil 8900 Series Goggles
  • Gas Mask Kit - New military gas mask, filter, bag and accessory kit - K1 Gas Masks - Evolution 5000
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    "I know these look scary, but sometimes the zombie chemical could be in the air and a gas mask will save you from the virus." — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    Approved Gas Masks specializes in sales of survival & protection equipment for first responders, law enforcement / police, government and military-grade gas masks, escape hoods and protective clothing. We stock nearly every CBRN approved gas mask, escape hood & PAPR; All the key equipment from Avon, North, MSA, Sperian/Survivair, 3M and Scott, plus all related PPE, Hydration & detection equipment & more, are typically in-stock items. Our customers include a virtual who’s who of the Homeland Security Sector, law enforcement, federal, state & local agencies, FBI, FEMA SBCCOM, plus fortune 500 companies from CNN & Fox, to the NY Times, Grainger & General Motors. Low prices on US, Canadian, Israeli & European gasmasks, tactical gear & much more. Call toll-free: 877.246.1010 for all your gas mask and safety equipment needs
  • Fresco Towels Union Jack Beach Towel
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    "Don't forget to bring a towel!" — @paramoremcrpatdfan101
    A faded Union Jack puts a retro, pop-art inspired twist on a plush beach towel. 100% cotton. Wash warm. Made in the USA. MEASUREMENTS Width: 40in / 101.5cm Length: 70in / 177cm

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