Hey guys,
So I hope you all had a good Halloween! certainly did :) I got way too may sweets (then again, is it possible to have TOO MANY sweets?! hmm...)
I was originally going to go as a cat but I ended up looking like a haunted Mickey mouse with fake blood from my mouth, white face paint and black eyes included. I was a lot more awesome than a cat :)
The holidays have been so much busier for me than usual. Today I went out to my mum's friends's house who I haven't seen since at least 7 years ago. It was pretty sureal. To hear all these storys my mum's told me about him in those years and to finally see him today when I'm all grown up. I didn't really like it, I mean it was great to see him again but I miss the fact that I know I'll never be that age when I can go round his house jumping on his sofa and turning his lights on and off. I had a few small tears in my eyes as everyone else was happily stood there disusing what we were going to have for a take away. It hurt.
Then I got home after feeling really fat and watched the third Harry Potter :)
Omg, and Phil + Dan's new baking video. It was like how they used to be. No offence to Phan lovers but you know they've changed. Admit it. 
It was really good :)
But yes, Hope you're having a good day,
But remember,
Lululovesyou xx
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