yes. i just quoted a song from disney channel. but i can't help that the song is actually pretty good. 
austin & ally / i think about you ♥

plot [ original ] - ` she's fearless, literally. the rush of adrenaline and anxiety derive energy for this girl to go on. she has conquered all fears, from heights, the dark, and the unknown. nothing trembles her and nothing can bring her to her knees, nothing and no one. . being a girl who accepts every challenge thrown her way, people would expect her to have faced the scariest and heart wrenching phobia of them all - love. the thing is, fears of breaking every bone in her body towers the fear of breaking her heart. she has never loved. this girl is opened minded about anything and everything expect opening her heart and soul to another. the pain of them leaving is far more painful than any broken bone or fall. &with every princess, but in this case, daredevil, comes a prince, aka her "home," her stability. and this guy is the athlete, not involved in drugs or sex, but just his sports & his secret passion - music. like anyone, he's got some skeletons hidden in his closet, actually just one - song journal. he's sincere and loving. the fact that he isn't a condescending jerk or conceited ass scares her more than anything. he's intrigued by the adrenaline junkie, her sense of adventure and fearless disposition is the hook, line and sinker. he's attached and doesn't take long for his sweetness and tender heart for fall for this girl. the thing is, he has figured out her lack of ability to love and why. of course like any dark soul, she's got dark secrets that she put a lot of energy into hidding, lots of childhood secrets. and he is determined to get her to conquer the greatest fear of all - love. she / will / be his, he / will / be there to catch her when she falls, but is she willing to make the leap forward? 

@h0llywood dang its been forever. 

she was slipping away, her heart beat decreasing incrementally, her skin growing paler and weaker everyday. less words were spoken as the day stretched out and her naps grew frequent. on a cold october night, her body lay numbly on the hospital bed, almost lifeless. the room was echoing silence and the beeping of the machines keeping her alive. " mom. . " madison muttered by her mother's bed side. there was no sign of movement. her stone eyed gaze locked on her mother's chest, praying for an up and down gesture. but nothing. " mom? " her voice was soft and hopeless. no respond. " momma. " this time her voice was more stern and louder. a slight nudge to her arm, still nothing. the machine beside her lost the beep & shot out one constant beeeeeeeeep. that was it, madison knew but could not allow for her heart to believe it. right before she could do anything else, madison's eyes shot open. students around her were hurriedly gathering their things and spewing out of the door in a rush. slowly, the brunette sat up and realizing it was a dream, more like a nightmare that rehashed the past. shaking her drowsy head, madison pushed herself out of her seat and tossed her notebook into her arms, sauntering out of the classroom. still shaken from the dream, everything around her moved slowly, all conversations were mixed together, making it impossible for her to pick up a word or too. though it happened three years ago, the memory remains constant and locked in her memory, like it happened the day before. madison watched her mother lose the battle to cancer. she watched her mother take her last breath, the sound still echoes in her ears, the aching of her heart continues to be a daily battle. . for madison, there was no worse matter on the planet than growing close to a person and losing them. ever since then, getting into mads' heart became almost impossible, and all for a reason. so naturally it was intimidating for her when justin came into her life. 

holy this sucks. &&idk how long you wanted it to be soooo. . whenever you do reply, i'll just base the length off of that.
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