Hello my adorables sweeties, i hope you're fine :)

I'm totally sorry to be so late and i know i said all the time that i'll check your sets next time i'm like "Yeah i promise next time, next time .. NEXT TIME!!" But in real, i don't have any time even for me! Ah, i hate school! It's killing me because while that time i can't check your beautiful creations ... The things is that i promise one day i'll check all your sets but for now i can't give you a day, i'm too busy for think about this, i have my school year to pass and i hope you understand this. Please don't be angry, and be patient i'll be more present on Polyvore sooner :) 

I hope you'll like this new set because it's totally, and i'm serious about this, different then all my others last sets.. It's more creative and colorful and maybe powerful too, i think .. 
This set is just and simply and totally inspired from a song that i just can't stop listenning at that time! It takes me high, and i adore that! I just listen the song again and again and again and i'm so inspired so i do sets likes this one for example :) 
So i hope you'll appreciate the set because it's totally new! 
I know i'm not present as i was before but i hope you'll always continue to support me in any case :) Your support is so important.. 

The song that i just can't stop listening to is from the Smith' family... and about them it's literaly killing me because they're so gorgeous and talented too! Argh! i want to be a part of their family too, i love them so much! Will Smith, Trey Smith, Jaden Smith and Willow Smith... WTF ?! They're so great! Is that normal?!? aha LOL! 
Anyway i wanted to put the song in the set because this is what's inpired me but it's a brand new sound so it's too new to find it in polyvore so i've decided to put the link here and please, listen to this song you will love it! Jaden is so like his father! It's so impressive! 
SO the song is called :
Find You Somewhere - By Ace (it's their big brother Trey ;) Feat. Jaden Smith and Willow Smith 
Here's the link : please before i put it down i want to tell you to really listen it! 

So that's all for today dears, i hope you will be always here for me because i'll be always here for you my talented friends :) 
Bee .
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