the song is by Muse. I was listening to it at the time. So I used it :P 

First of all: I want to dedicate this to Elle ♪♫. Mostly because she's amazing and has such beautiful and amazing sets. This set doesn't even compare to how amazing your sets are!. :D I think Everyone knows who she is!
Her fashion sets are just amazing to look at and Her art sets. She is the best at making art sets. 

So! The song and title. Are both by Muse. Time is Running Out. I Love Muse and I love this song. Personally i think it would be a great New Moon song. But anyway. I love these Pictures of Kristen. Well I love All Kristen's Photos she is just gorgeous and an amazing actress. 

I want to apologize for not being on(Not that any one cares!! :) ) I've just had way to much stuff to do.But It's Winter Break or Christmas Holidays (Whichever way you want to say it) And From the 28th of December to the 4th of January I shall not be on or making sets. I will be away down in England with my dad. Visiting my Nana. She lives on a farm. And even though she has a laptop and internet access. I will never be in to go on it. The only time i would get a change to go on would be around midnight when i get in. 
I help my grandad work on the farm.(People think its disgusting but really its not) I will be milking Cows. Feeding The baby calves. Cleaning Horses and all of that :D
And to be honest I can't wait. Its been ages since I have been. 

During my ( Not so important) Absence There has been family issues. My Family is just going down Hill. . No one seems to get along. And Its driving me mad. it's so close to Fucking Christmas and Everyone is arguing. Thats another reason i have not been on. I have had to help out and shit like that.
My uncle is moving back down to england. he has a job interview in Cambridge on Monday. Don;t get me wrong I'm glad he's getting a good job and all (I can;t remember the name) but all the way down in England. I stay in Scotland and My parents are split so it would be kind of hard to see him.

Ha..I'm sitting here writing about how pathetic my life is. If you read this I feel so so sorry for you.

I've heard so much about the TMI series that all of you have made me want to read it. So I have gotten around to asking my mum to buy me them and she said yes. But I won't get to read them until after the 4 of January. I'm far to busy to read them now. And then I go away. And basically at night I could read them. but I'm that freaking busy during the day that i'm dog tired at night.
My head only hits the pillow and I'm in dreamland.

Ha. I made TAF Cover on Gimp. The darn blasted thing has finally becoming friends with me. And I made Tom Welling have Gold Eyes.. haha. And I gave Tom Felting Red Eyes. Because truthfully I had always thought Tom Felting would make an awesome Riley in Eclipse. So I gave him red eyes to see what he would look like and its amazing!

Oh Oh oh. Since i haven't been on(Four days I;m acting like its been four weeks haha) I have managed to make TAF Preface Cover. Again I personally don't like it. But I never like anything i make. Like This Set.

Oh. I watched The Ugly Truth with Gerald Butler is in it and The Proposal. With Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Those Movies are effing amazing.
I recommend you watch them if you haven't you will die laughing at Ryan. I promise.

And also i can't wait to go see Sherlock Holmes!
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