- pink || some song idk.

hi i just felt like i was obligated to make at least one set that wasn't just an icon, so here it is. um, i know it's all over the place, but i mean, i don't really care, this was just so i never have to make a stupid set again ever. maybe. i don't know. i don't really see why we // have // to make sets, like, they're just used by anons to get more likes & follows, and i don't care about any of that, because at the end of the day ; who even really cares? if no one likes you, but you have 3,OOO followers, what does it mean? nothing. squat. zilch.

i'm going to go read it's kind of a funny story for my english project now. i haven't been on, so don't be all ' wow logan, no message? wow. ' because i've spent all day just making this, ok? ok. later on i'm going over my friend lee's house & stuff, so i guess i'll see you all tomorrow or later.

- logan loves you.
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