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again, long time no set. i'm still away on vacation. i don't get back until september 4th. this set took me ages. i really wanted to make a fall set. i'm very excited for fall, i love sweater weather, and hot chocolates, and all the clothes you can wear ♥

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the past couple of days , have been interesting.
there was a boy. doesn't that how stories always start. he was american. i never found out his name, but i imagined it started with a j.
he kept looking at me and smiling in the pool, he made me feel special. when he left the pool, i didn't think i would see him again, and i was okay with that. 
dinner that night, he & his family ended up sitting at the table across from us, it seemed like fate. he looked at me from his table and i looked back of course. i went to the bathroom, and upon coming out, he was there. he looked at me like i was the most special person on the planet. when they left i waved at him, he waved back.
i saw him a couple more times that evening, but i never stopped him to say hello. 

i haven't seen him since, and to be honest i'm not okay, i want to see him again. i want to talk to him and ask him, ' why me? ' 
he could of had his pick of any girl, yet he chose me. 

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happy birthday liam payne ♥
twenty today, growing up too fast.
i can't believe i won't be able to see ' this is us ' any time soon, i was really upset. 

have a good day guys.
& as you could tell i'm not in the best mood.
i just wanted something to happen.
now i regret not talking to him
so many ' what if ' situations flooding my mind.

it sucks.

- sorcha || #sorchcat ♥

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Wrote three years ago
aw, sorcha that is like the cutest thing ever! ♥

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Aww how cute!! That guy sure is lucky. He probably fainted inside when he saw your face ♥

Wrote three years ago
aw a boy! is he cute? pm me all the details i need to know about cute boys or i will die. ♡



The Polyvore Summer Academy; ♥

The Polyvore Summer Academy; ♥

hey there, you look like you want to be a part of the polyvore summer academy! this is a group that will hold contests and challenges, be separated into teams, but win trophies instead of points!
~ if you fail to enter a contest, you get a strike. two strikes, and you're out! ~
audition template; http://www.polyvore.com/polyvore_summer_academy_audition_form/template?id=630097
- these girls are obviously the most stylish of the four dorms, with the latest fashions and perfect style. they can be found gossiping and reading fashion magazines and stealing art supplies from the school to design new clothes.
♥ personality; artsy, bubbly, fun, creative
members //
1. @regan-r; regan
2. @kaleidoscopecolors; claudia
3. @olivia-is-a-turtle; olivia
4. @xo-lindsayy; lindsay
5. @luckilycharmed; sugar (x)
6. @gilligansarmy; katia
7. @totheinfinityandbeyond; mae
8. @matchstickz; isabelle (x)
9. @rolingpaige; danielle
10. @brittanycouture; brittany (x)
12. @l-o-v-e-x; yaki (xx)
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14. @hailey-direction; shelby (x)
15. @rachell-xx; rachel (xx)
16. @wrenxx; wren
17. @lattes-and-singing; meagan (x)
18. @etoile-388; holly
19. @hmcr; hannah (x)
20. @skylabreeze; sklya (x)
21. @thisiswonderland; emily
22. @picturesque598; sammy
23. @prettypenny-xo; penny
24. @dianaaa224; lynn
trophies //
"best outfit" - won by mae

- these are not your typical athletes, no. they are the best of the best at SUMMER sports; so think skateboarding, surfing, swimming, volleyball - that sort of thing. they wear mostly comfy but cute clothes, like shorts and tanks.
♥ personality; friendly, courageous, brave, daring

members //
1. @cptncaroline; caroline
2. @light-up-the-sky-like-fireworks; rachel (x)
3. @w-4nderlust; allie (xx)
4. @just-a-smallinfinity; geeah (x)
5. @zoesmiles; zoe (x)
6. @nomieissoepic; nomie
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10. @toinfinityandb3yond-xo; ranissa (x)
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13. @heyitsluce; lucy (x)
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16. @popyseed; celine
17. @busydreaming; aly (x)
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20. @multismiley100; vanessa
21. @princess-bailey; bailey ()
22. @rebecca-rose;rebecca
23. @lex-is-a-shooting-star; lex (x)
24. @brook-liam-payne-lover; brook
trophies //

- these are the ones who would rather curl up with a copy of the great gatsby in a hammock than do anything else. they have a simple, nature-inspired style and can /always/ be found with their nose in a book!
♥ personality; sweet, shy, smart, caring, & kind
members //
1. @melodyyyyy; jackie
2. @sarawashere-xx; sara (xx)
3. @baconlover001; danielle
4. @timeless-xo; cat
5. @xoxo-julianne; julianne (x)
6. @cbrcandy; celia
7. @love-132; leah
8. @www-purtydino-org; kat (x)
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10. @rkrony; rachel
11. @amber-soleil; amber
12. @sisistyle; sierra
13. @live-love-laugh-dream-sparkle-xo; cat
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16. @summer23134; sorcha
17. @drlilly; lilly
18. @taylor-jane-23; taylor
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20. @i-am-amaya; amaya
21. @chloeadorable25; chloe
22. @wonderland825; jackie (x)
23. @hanging-with-lost-boys; jamie
24. @aleshatothemoon; alesha
trophies // "Girliest / Most Elegant Room" - won by carmen
"Cleanest Room" - won by lex
"Best use of team related item" - won by jackie
"best use of team related items / pics" - won by sierra
"best overall" - won by kat

- & last but not least, we have our troublemakers. these girls are always getting caught trying to sneak off campus, staying up late, and testing the limits. they're always goofing around, having fun, and enjoying the crazier things in life.
♥ personality; sassy, daring, wild & free
members //
1. @xosamhoran; sam (x)
2. @f-erreira; sky (x)
3. @kimmy-anon-xoxo; kimmy (xx)
4. @loveshawnal; shawnal
5. @malfoy-is-my-king; ari (x)
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21. @fashionguru25; gabi
22. @emmie-rose-star;emily (x)
23. @smileitskourtland; kourtland
24. @xo-tammy; tammy
trophies // "Most Creative I.D." - won by andrea
"Most Creative Room" - won by kendall
"Most Interesting Item in Room (hot tub)" - won by tammy
"Messiest Room" - won by ashley


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