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again, long time no set. i'm still away on vacation. i don't get back until september 4th. this set took me ages. i really wanted to make a fall set. i'm very excited for fall, i love sweater weather, and hot chocolates, and all the clothes you can wear ♥

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the past couple of days , have been interesting.
there was a boy. doesn't that how stories always start. he was american. i never found out his name, but i imagined it started with a j.
he kept looking at me and smiling in the pool, he made me feel special. when he left the pool, i didn't think i would see him again, and i was okay with that. 
dinner that night, he & his family ended up sitting at the table across from us, it seemed like fate. he looked at me from his table and i looked back of course. i went to the bathroom, and upon coming out, he was there. he looked at me like i was the most special person on the planet. when they left i waved at him, he waved back.
i saw him a couple more times that evening, but i never stopped him to say hello. 

i haven't seen him since, and to be honest i'm not okay, i want to see him again. i want to talk to him and ask him, ' why me? ' 
he could of had his pick of any girl, yet he chose me. 

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happy birthday liam payne ♥
twenty today, growing up too fast.
i can't believe i won't be able to see ' this is us ' any time soon, i was really upset. 

have a good day guys.
& as you could tell i'm not in the best mood.
i just wanted something to happen.
now i regret not talking to him
so many ' what if ' situations flooding my mind.

it sucks.

- sorcha || #sorchcat ♥

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