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Childhood heroine series: 
Eloise, as a teenager. Featuring Juno Temple as Eloise. (Inspired by the books and films.)

•Free-spirited and wild, yet able to act sophisticated when needed.
•Good manners, usually polite, but tends to say whatever is on her mind.
•Speaks fluent French, Russian, and Mandarin/Cantonese, also knows Latin.
•Wears a mixture of designer brands (presents from her mother) and thrift store finds.
•Rides a bicycle everywhere, or walks.
•Loves practical jokes and pranks.
•Will do anything to make someone smile, likes people to be happy.
•Quirky sense of style, reflecting her childhood uniform somewhat.
•Girly but practical clothing, making it easy to spy/climb trees/run from authority. 
•Lots of pinks, black, white, and grey.
•Draws on herself, the walls, streets, sidewalks, poles, etc.
•Always donating money to Salvation Army and other orgs. like it.
•Prone to random acts of charity, i.e. buying a homeless person lunch. 
•Has few friends, aside from the adults in her life and Prince "Leon."

I may add more to this later. If you have any ideas, feel free to share! :)
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