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March 12, 2012 (aka THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE)

So I wanted to get this all out while it was fresh in my mind so all you non-Directioners, feel free to look away cause this is gonna be loaded with talk of my five favorite boys... (And sorry if this is excessively long, but I like to document everything for my own purposes lol ;) You can skip down to the bottom for the good stuff ;))

So, originally, when my dad got wristbands, he was only able to get one because it was one per customer and no one else was with him. So since Thursday, my twin and I have been complaining to each other like crazy (note: we were still very grateful to even have one, don't worry, we're not spoiled brats ;)) because that meant that one of us would get to meet them, and the other wouldn't. And it wasn't just that one of us wouldn't meet them, it was that that one person would have to waste an entire day waiting on line with the other (neither of us wanted to be in the city by ourselves, nor would our parents allow it). 

So today, I got home around 1pm, did some stalking on twitter to double check that nothing changed, then rushed to finish up the cards we made the boys (I'll post a pic later this week once I upload it). Then @london-rose got home around 2pm, and by that time, we had 30 minutes left to put everything together before rushing off for the train. We were not even /close/ to done when the clock hit 2:23 and I just had to stop, stuff all the supplies in the bag, change, run around the house gathering train tickets, the wristband, a camera, water, snacks, etc. And we're walking to the train station when we realize we left the directions at home, so I sprinted back to my house, grabbed them, then we speed-walked to the train station with a few minutes to spare. Then as soon as we got on the train, we pull out all of our supplies (only taking out the scissors when the conductor wasn't around bc it might've looked a little sketchy lol) and are frantically gluing on the pieces and trimming the edges, and writing in them, and once we get to Grand Central, we still weren't done.

So then we get off the train and take the subway to City Hall, which is like across from J&R (where the signing was), where we meet our dad, who walks us over to J&R. Now J&R is a pretty small store, so unlike all the previous signings in the mall, we all had to wait outside for hours (thank goodness the weather was on our side today!). The line went from the store to the end of the block, to across the street, to around the entire park (there's a park across the street). We were probably somewhere in the middle, and we were lucky cause we were surrounded by some nice people. There was this girl behind us who was by herself until her friends came. Now, one of her friends was in a wheel chair, so the mother of the girl in the wheel chair asked the girl's friends to help take her to the bathroom in J&R. And the girl who was originally behind us was like refusing to go because she didn't want to lose her spot and me and my twin and the two sisters behind her (btw, they were so cool and so fashionable. Heck, one of them went to FIT!) were like chilllll we'll save your spot. So after twenty minutes of arguing, she finally agrees to go with them. So we're like waiting for a while, and in the meantime, @london-rose and I are scrambling to finish our cards, but after a while, the mother of the girl comes back, and holds their spot for them and she chats with us and the other two sisters behind her (she was pretty entertaining lol) and tells us how her daughter is still stuck in the store because the boys are there and security won't let them move, but let them stay because she was handicapped. Then another 30 minutes or so pass and the mother gets a call that her daughter and all of her friends who went with her got to have a legit conversation with the boys and Liam KISSED ALL OF THEM. Like whaaat??? And the mother was like, "Oh that's not right, the friend didn't even want to go." LOL. 

So anyways, we wait on line for a couple more hours and it actually doesn't feel like that long (but it was I suppose ;)) chat a little with the girls behind us, then when we get closer like across the store, we call our dad to join us, so he does. And once we finally get to cross the street, they're like "WAVE YOUR WRISTBANDS" and I'm like uhhhh (cause previously we had picked out of a hat, and @london-rose won and was supposed to go). And my dad asks the guard if I can go to take the pictures instead of him since a parent is allowed to go and take pictures for you. And he goes sure that's fine. I WAS LIKE YESSS! So we wait in the line in front of the store for a while, and finally we're getting closer and closer, and we're right outside the door and I'm like flipping out cause there are guards inside checking wristbands again, but I just explained that I was with my sis to take pictures (they were totally fine with it I think because we were like the same person in their eyes lol). 

So we're getting closer and closer to the store front, and I start seeing their heads pop up over the line of girls and I'm like dying. Then like 8 feet away from the table, Harry makes eye contact with me and I'm like dying. Then a few moments later, Louis does. Next thing I know, the woman's telling everyone to put their cameras and phones away and asks me if I'm getting something signed and I just say no I'm video taping for my sister, so I go down the aisle behind my sis which is actually like legit only two feet farther than the actual line of girls meeting them so I'm like kinda really close. And they push my sister past Harry, Louis, and Liam sooo fast like I didn't even get to see them at all and neither did she, but I keep turning my head over my shoulder to look at Harry who like makes my heart melt, and Louis, who is so much more gorgeous in real life (like honestly). And I'm looking out for Liam who's such a cutie, but he's right in the middle, so all the girls are crowded around there and I couldn't really see him as much. Then @london-rose is in front of Zayn, so I catch up, and I see him give her a high-five (and she later told me that he said the card we gave him was "really cool" eeeeeeep) and then I see Niall give her a high-five and all of a sudden, I see my sister point to me and Niall looks up and oh my gosh... HE'S LOOKING RIGHT AT ME, SMILING, AND WAVING. And I'm fangirling like crazy and all "HEYY NIALL!" Then security pushes my sister away, but meanwhile, security's not really monitoring the parents taking photos behind them, so I stick around for like a few more minutes taking a video (only to find out that it wasn't recording the entire time... like how stupid right =( ) and this little girl gives Niall and Zayn toys and they start laughing and playing with them a little and it was so cute ;) Then I can sense that it's time to go, so I take one last look at all of them and walk away... (so regretting walking away now)

And now I'm on cloud nine. And this was actually the BEST DAY EVER.

Kayy byeee. xx

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Wrote 4 years ago
Super, I'm in love with this!! :)

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Wrote 4 years ago
Oh how sweet! Love this outfit and those pictures!

Wrote 5 years ago
nice set:)


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