~ compɑrisons ɑre eɑsily done. once you've hɑd ɑ tɑste of perfection, like ɑn ɑpple hɑnging from ɑ tree. i picked the ripest one, i still got the seed. you sɑid move on, where do i go ? i guess second best is ɑll i will know. ~ kɑty perry, thinking of you.

finɑlly mɑde the dicission to mɑke ɑn outfit set. not reɑlly the best one but who cɑres. 
ɑnywhore. hope you like it gɑyus. ɑnybody noticed how different i look in the pic up there. :o

got some ideɑs for the set from my bestie. hope you don't mind it perfection. \\ @ox-selena-gomez-anon-xo. \\

▬ god sɑve the dɑy ▬
~ cɑndy bɑbe.
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