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BLOGGY TIMEEEEE!! Sorry I've had a bunch of cramming homework this week, especially with AP testing coming up, so now here is a long bloggy to catch you all up on my oh-so-glamorous life.... not haha. But enjoy if you can :))

1. LAUREN CONRAD! Yay she's so stunning I am in love with her Glamour shoot! Got it in the mail and instantly knew I had to make a set with the pictures :)) I admire her so much, so great to see her on the cover again!
2. The color of the pictures and my desire for summer and WTK influenced the colors in this set. I'm not usually a really color color person but yeah here you go, enjoy. Haha I do love that bikini so much! One of the most perfect colors in existence! xD
3. ONE DIRECTION IN AUSTRALIA I CANNOT TAKE THIS HARRY'S ABS (which appeared out of nowhere again) AND THEM ON THE BOAT (yay Lou finally got his boat!) OMG I CAN'T HANDLE IT. Why didn't they do that in America like, say, at my uncle's pool, that would've been nice... The only thing I disapproved of was them drinking beer. I know the legal drinking age there and in the UK is 18 but it just bugs me that they did it like right after they got there like they had been waiting until they were out of the 21-zone in the US to drink over there. But whatever, no one's perfect. They're just nearly so. I mean come on they're angels. 
4. However this "UK made One Direction, the US changed One Direction, Australia brought them back" is really irking me seriously some people are so immature DID YOU SEE SNL PEOPLE DID YOU SEE IT COME ON NOW. Yeah SNL was my life I am still playing it over and over in my mind because it was one of the best things ever omg. 
5. And yeah 1D is not gonna be sued by the US One Direction because that is the most stupid thing I ever heard.
6. Sorry if I ramble and say OMG a lot and don't use proper punctuation and grammar in my bloggys. But um yeah I get a little excited or rambunctious. Or something. 
7. Sooooooo my brother is being confirmed into the Catholic church tomorrow woot woot. I don't know what to wear yet... And he just got his braces off after like 3 years it's so weird! My little brother's cute again! ahaha I kid xD
8. WATCH THIS IT'S SO COOL. A live feed of baby bald eagles! http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles
9. I saw Mirror, Mirror over the weekend. It was cute, but pretty cheesy. I loveeee Lily Collins though so she was amazing and ARMIE HAMMER is so attractive and that deep voice of his.... mmmm! Also Lily Collins has a song in it, pretty catchy take a listen! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUi-2353PHo
10. So I burned Up All Night for one of my besties and she burned Science & Faith by The Script for me so it's a win-win situation. #winning 
11. 16 days until prommmmm!!!
12. Andddd ummmm 37 days until graduation!!! I am kinda like really ready for college. 
13. I took a tour of the Mass Communications building at my university yesterday and it was so cool! It had journalism and photography (the two I'm most interested in) and broadcasting! Really really cool. My dad and I even got to watch a live broadcast of their little nightly news! It was awesome and everyone was so nice and talked to me even if I didn't even go there yet haha I can't wait for when I actually get to enroll in my classes in June! :)
14. Also in June I'm volunteering at my church's VBS like I always do. The kids are so cute. I get to be their "guide" and I take them around to all the little "destinations" and so I'm kinda like their little "summer teacher" for 3 hours a week it's pretty fun actually because I love little kids <3
15. The book I'm reading right now is called After by Amy Efaw and it's seriously messed up. Like it makes for a really interesting plot but it's crazy and really raw. It's about a girl who's 15 and gets pregnant and is in such denial that she got pregnant (she was like a straight-A, responsible, nice good girl) that when she has the baby (her mom doesn't know about it) she throws it away in the dumpster and then she gets put into a juvenile mental disorder place. Yeah it's insane.
16. Tonight I'm going to a play with my friend who is practically forcing me in turn for her promising to come to prom with my group. We have 7 girls and she'd be the 8th and we're getting a limo and I've been telling her she needs to come but she didn't want to so now hopefully she really is coming or I will go all Jersey Shore on her. #Idon'tevenknowwhatthatmeans #txt it 
17. @istylista told me what #txt it means. I feel old. 
18. OHHH also I'm meeting @glitterinmyviens at the 1D Dallas concert in June and possibly @deercat too! CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS YOU GUYS <33
19. I'm deeply deeply sorry to the PMs in my inbox, I have gotten so terrible about answering them but I promise to soon. Tagging those that have been in there the longest so they can virtually slap me: @little-miss-rae @lostinsuburbia @neelywithpinkpearls @adrianadior @haute-hippie @patpatkay @urban-barbie @followyourbliss 
20. So in other news more school-related blech, we have to write a "A Modest Proposal" esque essay tonight over some controversial issue. If you don't know what A Modest Proposal is, it's this you can read here: http://art-bin.com/art/omodest.html . It's basically a ridiculous satire of something terrible that's so over-the-top it's funny. I'm doing mine over drug legalization because it will be hilarious coming from someone like me. Hopefully the class laughs at least because I will be deep red in the cheeks for sure.


If you read all that, comment "ryan gosling is my homie" because, well, he is. 

xx Taylor
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Congrats again, honey! <3

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Summery ♥

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gorgeous pictures & outfit!!

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