You are Allegra Lee. Allegra, favoured by all teachers. Friends with everyone. You have everything you'll ever need. But there is one thing that i want. I don't know what it is, but its there somewhere in my heart. I wish i knew what it was so i can fill the gaping hole back up.But i don't know what it is. I must fill it up soon, like a tooth filling i need to fix it. I feel so empty. But why? 

{ sorry if story was too short, i can change it if you want. } :)

Allegra Lee (eighteen)
Allegra is the supposed good girl, having been the teacher's pet all the girls envied to the one with the best grades through high school and college. She's a nice girl who's easy to be around, and she keeps her friends closely by her side, inseparable.
Background: One of six daughters, mixed ages. Her family is stereotypically perfect, which she's tired of. She needs to break away, Manhattan being her key.
Profession: Interns at her fathers firm... Which she hates, when she's not there she's at Columbia.
Portrayed by: Kasia Struss

1. Which character are you trying out for?
Allegra Lee.
2. Why did you choose this character, specifically? Will you stay true to the character's personality?
Well, i really like the bio for the person & i think i can portray her well and i like a challenge so this can be it. ! & the group looks pretty promising. & My personality is actually sorta like her. :) but i like my dad. haha.
3. How often will you be making sets for this roleplay?
Hopefully every week i will make at least 3 or 4 for the group . i will notify you if i can't though.
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