POWER AND CONTROL by Marina and the Diamonds


I have been so busy lately. No sets, just PMs. It's no fun so hopefully I'll try to make sets more often.
In my life nothing has really been happening except 5 hours of homework a day.
I'm so behind. Gah.

Onto my audition for Su-Barbie-A

NAME: Emilie Diane Johansson
AGE: 17
CLIQUE: Barbies
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In a relationship, but not for too long
STYLE: Very laidback, hipster inspired; lots of high waisted shorts, platform heels, cowboy boots, flannel, etc.
LIKES: Thrift stores, Brooklyn, science fiction, comic books, vintage cars, chunky jewelry, high heels, milk, ice, tea, coffee, cigarettes, Denny’s, Disneyworld.
DISLIKES: Pop music, parties, crowds, drugs, alcohol, relationships, texting, hair dye, Pop Tarts, Doctor Who, glasses, pizza, swimming, family.
THEME SONG: New Girl by The Suicide Machine
COLLECTION: (in a sec)
BACKGROUND: Emilie recently moved to Malibu after living in New York for her entire life. She’s never been very keen with the whole rich bitchh scene and she absolutely hates the whole scene at Malibu Heights but she’s only got two school years left and she’s going to give it her all. She figured out a long time ago that it’s easier to run with the big dogs than be a part of the crowd that gets picked on.
BIO: Which new girl from the Upper East Side has a dirty little secret that's eating her alive? Little Emilie has hated her wealthy lifestyle since she could toddle and tried lashing out by spending all her time in Brooklyn and refusing to go to any formal events. Her parents constantly used to try to set her up with sons of wealthy bankers and lawyers, but she wouldn't budge. But, once when on a date with one of the sons, he hit is head on the subway very hard and is now in a coma after poor care of this injury. Emilie, frightened, ran away and fled to California to escape her mistakes. This new girl acts like she's queen of the hipster scene, and after being taken in a picked by Barbie herself, she has a new student body to rule. But, she shouldn't get her hopes up, sometimes the past has the more creative ways to come back to haunt you. Maybe her enstranged sisters or parents won't be able to find her. Now that her life is seemingly perfect again, hopefully nobody will ruin it. Wait, correction, Emilie won't let anyone. One thing to remember about this New York beauty is she has a dark side that may cost you more than the new Fendi bag. 
MODEL: Frida Gustavsson

1. Emilie-Frida Gustavsson
2. Kayla- Leighton Meester
3. Asya- Du Juan 


"Are you serious?" Barbie asked. The Barbies were sitting at our table during lunch and were gossiping about Sabia's secret nose job. 

"Haha, I know. I saw her coming out of the doctor's office with a bandage on her nose and her mom by her side. So pathetic." I scribble something down in my notebook and looked up, brushing a piece of auburn hair out of my eyes. 

"How the bad have fallen," Delilah said. I rolled my eyes. Even though Delilah was a Barbie like me, I didn't like how much she kissed up to Dylan. That was so unoriginal and it reminding me of how everyone tried to be Serena Van Der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf back in the Upper East Side. Icky.

"Haha, given," Ava said. I high fived her and went back to drawing mini sketches in my notebook. The pictures were o unicorns and snowy days that I missed when I used to live in New York. 

"So what are we doing tonight?" I asked, trying to make conversation. 

"There's this too cool party at Jennifer Blakely's house," Dylan said. Everyone's mouths dropped a little.

"You mean, like, /the/ Jennifer Blakely? The college student, model, and internet sensation Jennifer Blakely?" Delilah asked. I rolled my eyes in sync with Ava and looked over at Dylan. 

"Yeah, her. It's no big deal, you know. Our parents are like besties and Jennifer is pretty much my slave so it's a given that we're going to her college party." Dylan's tone was pretty icy, but a bit nicer since she was talking to Delilah who was sort of like her mini me. 

"Sounds cool," I said.

"Given," Ava added. Tonight would be pretty cool, but I'd need to break up with my current boyfriend so I could have a good time. Cheating was a no no.

"So are you gonna break up with Sam?" Delilah asked me. Dylan, Natalia, Ava all turned to face me, judgement rising on their perfectly makeuped faces. 

I smirked and starting flipping through the contacts in my iPhone. "Given," I said simply sending him a breakup text. Dylan, Ava, and Natalia all smiled and clapped lightly and Delilah gave me a disappointed head shake. 

"I though you really liked him," Delilah said, trying to reason with me. Oh my gosh, she was so annoying.

I took a deep breathe, maintaing my cool. "Yeah, I guess you don't really know me," I said. That shut her up. "Grow up, D, you need to stop underestimating people," I said finally. Things went quiet, and for that moment, even Dylan looked a little shocked with my outburst. 

Delilah nodded and looked down her phone and typed a text message. My phone buzzed immediately and I looked down at it. Delilah had typed one word and one world only.

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