For very special person and inspiring friend @je-suis-un-lapin
"I used to think Galileo would agree
That the world was round
And you'd come round to me
But I have looked for you
And you're nowhere in sight
The world must be flat
The Babylonians were right"


Wrote two years ago
gorgeous!!!!!! great gift!

Wrote two years ago
You are a very sensitive person!!! I hope you like a good laugh too, otherwise i will burn in hell! :D
This set is pure art and inspiration!

Wrote two years ago
meraviglioso!! pure inspiration!! love DVN top!! and music and words!!

Wrote two years ago
@je-suis-un-lapin the pleasure is mine )))

Wrote two years ago
This is so wonderful and thoughtful of you, my dear friend! What a sublime composition! Adore everything about it! The fantastic pics, the sensational Rad Hourani quote, the wonderful color scheme! Also the outfit is absolutely gorgeous! Especially this divine PS1! I would wear it in a heartbeat! And you know I love miss Tracy Chapman and her delightful tunes! ;)
Thank you so much for being always adorable and supportive! You are a precious friend!
Love and many kisses!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you very much for your kind comments! @sylvialucky and @aniael

Wrote two years ago
wowwww, dear... incredibly beautiful and stylish.. impeccable gift for our dearest Patricia!!!

Wrote two years ago
wow! this is so stunning! love the outfit and pictures ♥♥♥♥