Hey everyone :) This was requested!
I know thighs are most girls' insecurity... Including mine! So here's a tip that I hope will help you all with this problem. :)

*First, a lot of people mistake strength from cardio. 
Cardio will burn the fat & calories, which will help you loose weight.
Strength builds muscle, but mostly on men. Girls will more than likely TONE than actually gain a bunch of chunky men-muscles. xD

SO- to get amazing-looking legs, you need to do the right balance of both! :)
Note: it's not healthy to do a lot of strength. It can damage your muscles and create other injuries, so to avoid that, only do strength for your legs on every other day, NOT everyday! 


Stand hip-width apart, and keep bending your knees as low as you possibly can. 
Do these in reps, so do it for about a minute, then go do some other exercises and go back to squats later.
TRY: With weights, or a medicine ball. 
Just hold the weight/ball with both hands, bend down and try to touch the floor with the weight, in between your legs.

So, basically do a squat, but with the legs spread farther, and feet turned outwards. This will exercise more of your muscles, especially your very top inner thighs!

Stand against the wall, then go down into a squat. Pretend you're sitting in a chair :) Make sure that your knees are align with your feet! 
TRY: doing for a minute. And for the last ten seconds, lift up you're heels.
It'll hurt like hell but it works amazingly. xD

Step forward, and squat with the front leg all the way down. Your back knee will almost be touching the ground.
(I'm sorry if that didn't make sense... Here's a picture! http://0.tqn.com/d/exercise/1/5/O/C/assistedlunge2.jpg )
So for a minute you're going to do that across the floor, or just in place if that's easier for you.

Pretend you're doing a sumo-squat, but then only bend one of your knees at a time, keeping the opposite leg straight.
So you're gonna bend your right leg, then your left, and so on and so on. :) haha

(I dunno what these are actually called, but oh well xD)
What you're gonna do is sit down in a chair, and keep a light dumbbell in between your feet, or on top of your feet.
Then, lift up your legs so they're sticking straight out.
Keep doing that over and over again, eventually you'll feel it in your thighs and knee area!

Lay down on your back, and with your feet on an exercise ball, chair, bed, etc, lift up your butt until it's aligned with your feet. Hold that position for about a minute. It'll work your legs and your butt! :) 

Also, pilates and yoga is great for the legs! Here are my favorite pilates/yoga videos :)



So, now, onto CARDIO :)

Cardio is the key to slimmer... Well, everything. Especially your legs. 
The best cardio exercise for thinner thighs?
I recommend getting a treadmill, or a gym membership. But if you can't do either, than running outside is okay too :) Just be careful and don't run to far away from home. 

To make your workout longer without feeling like you're gonna die (haha), then go from speed-walking, jogging, to running. 
When I'm on the treadmill at the gym, I always look at the time. What I'll do is warm up for 5 minutes, just of walking. Then after that 5 minutes is over, I'll go into a jog, about 4 MPH. I'll do that for about 1 or 2 minutes and then go up to 6 or 7 MPH. 
I'll stay up there for as long as I possibly can, then go back down, enough to just get a drink and lower my heart rate a little. Then I'll go back up again. 
Get it? :)
If you just go onto the treadmill and run, run, run, you'll get tired quicker and just stop. 

There's not just running, there's a lot of other things you can do that's great for the thighs, too.
Like, bike riding/cycling. There's a cycling class at my gym that I tried once, and it was so hard that I was too scared to go back. Haha, but really, it's great for the legs too!

You can ride a real bike, or an exercise bike at your gym. 
If you're on an exercise bike, try bumping up the tension so that you'll have to use some serious muscle to pedal.
If you're on a real bike, try riding onto some rougher terrain... Like, just a little bit of gravel or something so that it'll be harder to pedal. Not too much gravel, or obviously you'll just get stuck in it. xD But yeah, go from a smooth surface to a harder one, over and over again. It's great for the legs. 

Also, dancing. 
Any dancing you want, even if it's just you goofing off with your fave songs blasting. 
My favorite dancing is ballet (that's why most ballerina's legs are so long and lean!), and ZUMBA :) Here's my tip on Zumba:
I've lost a lot of weight, and I honestly believe that it's because of Zumba.

There's honestly a ton of other cardio exercises, but those are just my favorite & what I believe works best for getting thinner thighs. :)
I really hope this helps some of you guys! 
Thanks for reading, requests open!!
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